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Master Lock Criterion Review – 2022 – 2023

Features: 10mm Hardened Steel Chain – 16mm Mini U Lock – Black Nylon Cover – 1m Long – Dual Locking Mechanism – Anti-Drill Plate – Anti-Dust Keyway Shutter – 25 x 16 x 13 cm – 2.7kg\"\"


  • Very secure design.
  • Chain lock and mini U lock combination.
  • Anti-drill plate for extra protection.


  • Very heavy chain.
  • Quite expensive.

The Design of the Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock

In terms of design, we were really wowed with this one. The Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock really stands out; just by looking at it you can see that it is made of tough stuff. The 10mm hardened steel chain feels incredibly strong and the combination of the mini U lock really makes this lock feel secure.

\"\"Each side of the hardened steel chain connects to the mini U lock for maximum protection. One thing that we really like about the design of this chain lock is how stylish it is. It isn’t designed in a way that would attract thieves but it would deter them due to how strong it looks.

There are a few features that we really liked with this bike lock. First of all, there is the dual locking mechanism. Once the chain is locked to the U lock, it is very clear to see that it is not going anywhere. As well as this, there is the anti-drill plate on the disc cylinder which is very useful because drill attacks have been on the rise.

Finally, there is the dust cover shutter on the keyway. We found this to be particularly useful as it stops any dust particles getting into the keyway which may cause problems further down the line. Overall, this is a really nice design.

Using the Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock

When it came to using the lock, we did have a few issues. This is\"\" largely due to the design of the Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock, because it is a little different to any lock that we have used before. However, once we had gotten the hang of how to use the chain in combination with the mini U lock, we didn’t face any issues at all.

One thing that is worth noting is that you might have a few issues with the length of the chain if you want to secure more than one bike at a time. If this is the case then you might be better off combining the chain lock with a larger D lock for extra length, or even another chain lock.

The Portability of the Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock

In terms of portability, there are a few issues with the Masterlock Criterion Bike Lock. It is not lightweight by any means as it weighs around 2.7kg, which is much heavier than the standard lock of this type. We found carrying it quite difficult, even on shorter journeys.

However, if you live in a particularly high risk area where you need maximum levels of security, then the weight of the lock is not going to concern you all that much.

Overall, we felt that this is a great lock in terms of quality and security, but it is let down a little by the weight of it. If you want maximum security, however, then this is the lock for you.


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