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Best Abus Granit D Locks – Reviews 2022 – 2023

Unfortunately, bike thefts are more common now than ever. When you consider the value of some of the bikes that are currently on the market, this is no surprise. It is also true that more people are using a bike as a method of transport for fitness purposes as well as to do their bit for the environment.

Because of the rising levels of theft, it is important to do whatever you can to protect your bike when it is not being used. The good news is that there are plenty of different types of locks on the market at the moment and some very reputable brands, too.

The type of lock that we are going to be looking at today is the D lock from Abus. This highly reputable brand has been manufacturing bike locks for years and have built a solid reputation for themselves. In order to help you choose the right one for you, we have decided to test and review some of the best Abus D locks on the market. Read on below for our verdicts.

3. Abus Ultra 410 Bike D Lock with Cable

Features: 230mm – Steel – 36 x 22 x 19.5 cm – 1.39kg – Mount Provided


  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with a mount.
  • Very durable material.


  • Bright green colour might attract thieves.

The Design of the Abus Ultra 410 Bike D Lock

Made from steel, one thing that was instantly noticeable with this bike lock from Abus is how durable the materials are. Just by looking over the design, it is clear that a lot of thought has not only gone into security, but also durability.

One thing that we really liked about this particular bike lock is that it comes with a cable attached. This means that you don’t have to invest in two separate locks. You get maximum security levels from the one product. The only possible downside with this one is the green crossbar.

It isn’t necessarily a problem, but if you are in a high risk area then there is the possibility that it might attract thieves who want to see if they can break the lock.

Using the Abus Ultra 410 Bike D Lock

Fortunately, we found using this bike lock incredibly easy. Attaching and removing the lock is very smooth and easy to do. However, we did have a couple of instances where we notice the lock jamming but suspect this was due to trying to lock the bike to the railings too tightly. After a little playing around with it, we were able to use it with no issues at all.

The Portability of the Abus Ultra 410 Bike D Lock

Whilst this bike lock is a little heavy at 1.39kg, we didn’t have any problems at all carrying it with us on our rides. It fits neatly into a backpack and we didn’t really have any trouble with the extra weight when we were riding. It might be a little heavy if you are planning longer rides, but for shorter commutes it is perfect.

One thing that we found really useful is the mount that is provided with this lock. If you are planning longer rides and want to be able to take your lock with you, then you will definitely find this useful. We didn’t have any issues with the extra weight on the frame at all.

Overall, this is a great, high quality lock.

2. Abus Granit-53

Features: 13mm Shackle – Powercell Double Locking Mechanism – Steel – Sold Secure Gold Standard – Bracket


  • Very solid design.
  • Sold Secure Gold Standard for maximum security levels.
  • Powercell double locking mechanism for extra security.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is more expensive.
  • The lock itself is quite heavy.

The Design of the Abus Granit-53

One thing that we really liked about this bike lock is the design. As the product description states, it has been designed specifically for the UK market and has a Sold Secure Gold Standard, so you know that you are getting a good level of security.

When we took a closer look at the design of the lock, we were really impressed with the finish. It not only looks like a really high quality lock but it feels like one too. The materials are incredibly robust and you can clearly tell that this is a lock that has been made to last. Another good thing is that the lock doesn’t seem to stand out as much as the previous one, so it is far more discreet.

Using the Abus Granit-53

Much like the previous version, we found using the Abus Granit-53 really easy. We didn’t encounter any difficulties securing or removing the lock. Something that we were impressed with is that we were able to comfortably secure two bikes to a railing without any issues at all. We didn’t have to struggle to secure them. You could probably even fit a third if it was a smaller bike.

The Portability of the Abus Granit-53

This is the only downside to this particular bike lock. Whilst it does offer maximum levels of security and it is incredibly well designed, it is heavy. Unfortunately, this may well cause issues for those who require a lock for their daily commute. However, there is a bracket available which does take away some of the extra weight if you want to do use the lock daily.

1. ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock

Features: 13mm – Powercell Double Locking Mechanism – Hardened Steel – Sold Secure Gold Standard – ABUS XPlus Cylinder – Keyhole Cover


  • Incredibly secure lock.
  • Very durable materials.
  • Abus XPlus Cylinder which protects against picking and drill attacks.
  • Sold Secure Gold Standard.


  • Much more expensive.

The Design of the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock

The design of this particular bike lock is absolutely flawless; there is no getting away from that. The shackle as well as the lock itself is made from hardened steel and the durability is incredibly easy to see. It really feels like this is a lock that is aimed at professional cyclists and commuters alike.

We really liked the colour of this one too; it doesn’t stand out at all and looks incredibly sleek. Another thing that really impressed us with this on is the Abus XPlus cylinder which offers extra protection from some of the most common forms of attack including drill, pick and leverage. You certainly get a good sense of security with this one.

Using the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock

Using the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock is an absolute breeze. The locking mechanism itself is incredibly easy to both lock and unlock. A nice addition is the LED light on the key which is perfect for those who are traveling during the evening.

One thing that we found interesting when using this bike lock is the fact that it can be detached from both ends. This isn’t something that we have seen before, but it is a nice feature. Another good thing about this lock is that you can easily secure several bikes at one time. This is a large lock; you could probably comfortably secure at least three bikes.

The Portability of the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock

If you are looking for something lightweight and easy to carry then this is not going to be the lock for you. It has quite a lot of weight to it due to the hardened steel material. As well as this, it is significantly bigger than most of the other D locks on the market.

Although this is the case, it all comes down to the level of security that you are looking for. For maximum security and very little chance of anyone being able to steal your bike, this is a great option and it is why the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 D-lock is our number one.

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