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Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain 785 Review – 2022 – 2023

Kryptonite Keeper 785 – A Fantastic Integrated Chain Lock


  • Solid chain lock.
  • Discreet design.
  • Compatible with U locks and D locks from Kryptonite.


  • Quite heavy for a chain lock or a (wordlock).
  • Not secure enough on its own in high risk areas.

Features: 7mm Thick Chain – 85cm Long – Sold Secure Bronze Rating – Integrated Lock Head

After we tested several of the U locks that Kryptonite has to offer, we wanted to take a closer look at some of their integrated chain locks and the Kryptonite Keeper 785 fitted the bill perfectly. After putting it through its paces, we have to say that we were actually surprised with how well this one performed.

If you are looking for a chain lock for your bike, then please take a look below to find out what our verdict was. We have provided a thorough review testing all of the important features so that you can see if it is the right chain lock for you.

The Design of the Kryptonite Keeper 785

We have to say that at first glance, we were really impressed with the design of the Kryptonite Keeper 785. It looks fantastic. The chain itself is covered in a nice durable black material which not only functions well, but looks really sleek too. The chain itself is 7mm thick, so you can imagine how robust it is.

At 85cm long, this chain lock is plenty big enough for all kinds of bicycles, even those with modifications. It won’t struggle at all. One of the things that we really liked about this chain lock is that it doesn’t draw attention. Its colour and overall design are quite discreet so thieves are unlikely to be drawn to it.

It has a hardened deadbolt design and a patent pending end link design. As well as this, it features the standard disc style cylinder which is both pick and drill resistant, providing extra security. There is one thing that we would definitely like to mention regarding the security of this particular chain lock.

If you live in a particularly high risk area (think city of London), then this bike lock is not going to be sufficient on its own. The chain can easily be cut through by those with the right types of tools unfortunately. Because of this, you will want to combine it with a U lock or something similar for extra security.

The Portability of the Kryptonite Keeper 785

We felt a little let down by the portability of the Kryptonite Keeper 785. Whilst we expected it to be heavy because of the hardened steel material, we were expecting it to be a little more lightweight than it is. It wouldn’t really be suitable for long rides because it definitely carries quite some weight.

If you are looking for a lightweight chain lock that you can carry in your jacket pocket or a saddle bag then this is probably not going to be suitable for you. At 1.59kg and 85cm long it is quite bulky. However, if you are looking for a chain lock that you can carry on your daily commute then this would definitely be a suitable option to consider.

Using the Kryptonite Keeper 785

Fortunately, we found using the Kryptonite Keeper 785 relatively easy. There were, however, a couple of issues that we did run into. First of all, you need to make sure that the key is fully inserted into the lock. We tried several times on the first attempt to unlock the chain once we had fastened it to some railings and struggled quite a bit until we realised that the key was not fully inserted, so this is definitely something that is worth keeping in mind.

Other than that, the lock itself was really easy to use and highly effective at keeping the bike securely fastened to railings. However, as we have already noted, it is definitely wise to use another, more secure lock if you are in a high risk area.

Overall, we were quite pleased with this chain lock from Kryptonite. It doesn’t offer maximum levels of security, but chain locks are not designed to do so. It is easy to use, well designed and constructed from high quality materials. Add to this the fact that it offers great value for money and you have a chain lock that is definitely worth considering.

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Sammy

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