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Knog Party Frank Cable Lock Review

The Australian cycle accessory firm Knog have a range of colourful locks, each offering varying degrees of protection. The Knog Party Frank lock is the cheapest for very low risk areas.

It offers a 5mm core steel cable and silicone over-mould designed to prevent scratching your precious bike frame. The weight is just 250g which is incredibly light, and a length of 620mm. Expect to pay between £15-20.

Someone kindly sacrificed the Knog Kabana which is the model up and posted a video on YouTube showing just how easy it is to cut through. If the superior lock is this easy to cut, imagine the time it will take to cut the Party Frank!

It is worth repeating, this is not a lock for anywhere but the lowest of crime areas – it will offer very little protection against bolt croppers and should only be used for short stops, preferably where you can keep an eye on your bike.

LOCK YOUR BIKE score: 1/5


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