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Abus U-Mini 401 Lock Review

Abus, alongside Kryptonite have long been the leaders in the field of bicycle security and Abus have continued to assert their authority with the release of the great looking Abus U-Mini.

Available in red and yellow, this is aimed directly at competing with the Kryptonite Evolution Mini which has been popular with hipster bike couriers (and myself) for a number of years now.

A superior locking mechanism

The Abus U-Mini boasts a double-bolted lock mechanism which means two cuts would be required to remove the lock. The Kryptonite Evolution Mini only has one bolt so the Abus U-Mini wins here.

The Abus U-Mini also has a 14mm shackle (the bit a thief would have to cut through to break your lock), whilst the Kryptonite Mini has 13mm. What that 1mm difference would make in a bolt-cropper attack, I don’t know. Against an angle grinder it won’t make the slightest difference.

The size of this lock means you’ll struggle to lock your wheel, the frame and a fixed object such as a bike stand. Because of this I would only consider this lock for a secondary lock, but a mighty one and that.

Abus U-Mini vs. Kryptonite Mini

Both locks have a gold Sold Secure rating. Considering the similar price and weight (0.9kg), I’d choose the Abus U-Mini over the Kryptonite because of the thicker shackle and double-bolt locking mechanism.


With the weight of only 1060 grams, the Abus U-Mini 401 Lock is very lightweight, which makes it preferable for people who will carry it and use it in remote locations. Despite the low weight, none of the strength features have been compromised. Don’t think it is small, just because the weight is low. In fact, this model is 23 cm long.

Gold Secure approved

This feature suggests how tough and durable this model is. It has been approved by the insurance companies and it has a gold rating. Gold rating is the highest safety rank a bike lock can get. These locks are tested according to the time, an individual needs to break them. The model in question has long resistance time.

3 keys

In order to make this model more practical and to allow the owners to use it for a longer period of time, the manufacturer sends 3 keys with it. This feature is important, simply because if you lose one, you have two keys more. Note: It is recommended to carry just one key at a time.Keys are made in the same way as the rest of the lock, which means that they are durable and made from heavy-duty metal.

Smooth lock operation

The best part of this bike lock is the locking mechanism itself. It is smooth and it requires a very little of force in order to be open/closed. Another advantage is the fact the mechanism will continue to work like that even if it is wet, covered in sand or during the winter. All owners who have this lock claim that the mechanism is smooth as silk.


  • Length: 23cm
  • Weight: 1060g
  • Color: Yellow
  • 3 keys
  • Gold Secure level
  • Extremely durable and immune to the burglar efforts
  • Recommended by the insurance companies
  • Smooth locking mechanism


  • With the weight of 1060 g this is a very light lock
  • Easy to use (the mechanism is great)
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Made from durable and strong metals
  • Can be used for numerous applications


  • It is too long, so carrying it may be an issue
  • The design isn’t the latest


The Abus U-Mini 401 is a simple lock, we all know that, but it means a lot. The best sides of it are a low weight and the strength of the metals the manufacturer used. It is simply impossible to break it in less than 10 minutes, which was the main reason why it has been rated with the gold secure safety rank! The fact it is recommended by most insurance companies suggest how safe it is. The lock mechanism is a masterpiece and it will work perfectly for a long period of time, no matter in what situation it is placed.

Despite the low weight, the quality and the safety of the lock aren’t compromised, so this model is a perfectly balanced between a low weight and a high strength. Adding 23 cm length, and you get a multi-purpose lock.

Our score: 4/5

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