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Abus Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000 Cable Lock Review

The Abus Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000 is one of the best-selling cable locks. Cable locks offer flexibility and portability where big D locks don’t, but they are also considered to offer lesser protection, despite a Sold Secure Gold rating. In fact, we don’t recommend any cable locks, but if we had to, this would be the only one. (See our guide on locking a bike).

Cable Lock Review: The Steel-O-Flex 1000

This lock comes in two sizes, 80cm and 100cm. A popular but potentially dangerous (and not recommended!) way of carrying this lock is around the waist. Unless you are particularly svelte, you will have trouble fitting the 80cm (31 inches) version comfortably around you.

The Steel-O-Flex 1000 is billed as one of strongest locks of its type and from the outset it appears as though there is little to suggest otherwise with a tough armoured steel backbone with overlapped 5mm links further strengthening the lock. As ever, security means heavy and expensive. With a weight of 1.85kg for the 100cm version, and 1.55kg for the 80cm version , you will be looking to spend upwards of £60.

Andreas, the London Cyclist had this to say:

I will be using the Abus Granit Steel O Flex 1000 when I don’t want to take a bag or I don’t have enough room in my bag. Otherwise, my old faithful Kryptonite will be in charge of bicycle safety.

BikeRadar took their usual assortment of tools to the lock in an attempt to break it and the lock performed well:

The Steeloflex passed our five-minute first round with minimal cosmetic damage and in test two our high-powered tool took over a minute and a half to get through this super-tough lock.

In summary, whilst this cable lock doesn’t make our list of recommended locks, if you really want a cable lock, this is definitely the one to get.

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