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Abus Steel-O-Chain 810 Chain Lock Review

Abus tout this chain lock as suitable for use in medium to high risk areas. Some serious thought has gone into this lock as the normally vulnerable lock barrel mechanism is armoured with 3mm plate to resist hammer and chisel attacks and the links constructed from hardened heavy duty 8mm steel. All this has resulted in a commendable Sold Secure Bronze rating and Level 8 protection.

This chain lock offers convenience, being more portable than a D lock which often requires a bag, but is also on the heavy side. It also locks without needing the key which is great for convenience.

Whilst we don’t generally recommend chain locks (see the bike locking guide), this chain lock did perform well when Bike Radar took their tools to it:

The chain resisted cropping, hammering and chiselling at the usually vulnerable joint between chain and lock mechanism, and hacksaws made only small cuts into the chain in five minutes. An angle grinder made short work of the links in 33.75 seconds, but few thieves actually use these.

This lock comes in two lengths, 85cm (weight 1.7kg) or 100cm (2kg). Whilst heavy, you shouldn’t feel the weight as much if worn round the waist, although unless you are particularly slim, you will struggle to get the 85cm version round you!

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