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Hey ya’ll I’m Evan.

evan medders

Born and raised in Minnesota – I grew up with a family history on and around …… yup, you’ve guess it! BIKES! 😀

Bikes are truly my passion, my motivation and my pay check 🙂 Ya see, I am a consultant on bike builds. When I say that, people always ask me – what does that actually mean? Well, let me tell ya, it means I tell the big brands who design bikes how to do their job which ensures the rides of that bike is as safe as can be.

Think of it, like a bike safety consultant.

Then I thought, what better way to spread the message on bikes than to actually start a site where I am answering many of the common questions on bikes… hence we now have 🙂

The Gecko part is from my pet gecko, Gordon (not original I know, but I loved that movie! – 10 points if you can guess what movie it is)

My Gecko, Gordon! He’s winking at ya!

Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by Sammy