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GTech Escent Review – Our Ebike Guide 2022 – 2023

Many bike enthusiasts are switching attention to electric bikes. This is because of their rechargeable batteries that can keep you moving at higher speeds, thus reaching your destination quickly. These bikes also offer you a fun and playful alternative ways for burning excess calories.

You can always turn on the electric motor if you don’t feel like pedaling anymore. Nevertheless, not all e-bikes out there are made the same.

Just like any other products ever made, there are some which would only leave you with a bad experience and wrong perceptions against other electric mountain bikes. There are however a few exceptions of good electric bike designs that are manufactured with a passion for ensuring comfort and making sure that you get the best riding experience on any terrain.

An excellent example of these bikes is the gTech eScent mountain ebike. In this electronic mountain bike review, we’re going into details to show you all the gTech e bike specs, the pros and cons, and also why we think it’s worth spending on.

Should you Pick the gTech eScent Bikes Over Other Regular Electric Mountain Ebikes


gTech eScent mountain ebike is produced by Gtech UK; the UK based technology company that’s famed for producing award-winning home appliances and ebikes. With a rating of 4.7 stars on gTech official website, the gTech eScent mountain bike is a cyclist’s favorite in many aspects:

It only weighs 19kg and features a sleek design to give you a one-of-a-kind riding experience. It also comes with minimalistic design suspension saddle that was made to offer comfort and give you extra support when you race across varied terrains.

This gTech bike is good at handling a variety of terrains with ease and its gears which are very smooth in adjusting will make it easy for you to move along if you ever run out of battery during a hike or a day out. It’s also known to give you a very firm grip on any surface to avoid potentially sliding over easily and falling.

Most riders and mountain hikers also rate this Gtech ebike highly because of its battery, which is not only easy to operate but also shows you the charge percentage that’s left so you’re never caught by surprise when the battery is used up.

To top all these up, it also comes with multiple speed options i.e. the max and eco. These are vital in giving you assisted power any time you’re going up a hill, so you spend little energy when needed.


  • 36V Lithium-ion Battery

A full charge of the gTech eScent mountain bike can last you up to 30 miles. It is designed to power the rider to a maximum of 15 miles per hour.

It also has an LCD, which shows you the remaining charge as you move along in this superbike.

The battery is detachable, has a charge time of only 3 hours and very easy to operate.

  • Powerful Gear

You need potent gears to maneuver with lesser effort on country tracks, bridle paths, and debris, etc. To tackle all this, this ebike is made with a RockShox suspension system.

The hydraulic disk brakes and 36 V high torque motor also gives it a marvelous performance making it easy for the rider to move at varying speeds depending on the terrain.

  • Super Tyres

It doesn’t matter whether you wish to take on open roads or the rough terrains. The 27.5\” off-road tires will give you the confidence to take on any grounds.

This Gtech ebike also features dominant treads to give you a perfect grip with the ground and give you the ideal balance always.

  • Comfort Redefined

If you fancy comfortable saddles, then this electric mountain bike was specially designed for you. Just like most gtech bikes, this electric bike comes with a good comfort suspension saddle to ensure you’re always comfortable and ensure you aren’t distracted. The seat post will ensure you’re comfortable throughout irrespective of the terrain.

  • Switch Between Power Modes

The two power modes i.e., the \Max\ and \Eco allows you to convert this Gtech electric bike to a standard bike as you wish. You can always switch off the battery if you want to burn extra calories and pedal this bike like any other normal bike.

Don’t forget about the aviation-grade aluminum that it’s made of to give it extra strength for resisting damages that could be caused by objects that hit it by accident. The material is also light to make powering it simpler and the hydraulic disc brakes make handling it to require lesser effort.

Pros and Cons of the gTech eScent Mountain Ebike


Here are the primary advantages that we spotted from the eScent mountain bike from gTech.

  • This g tech e bike may appear bulky, but it has a good weight that makes it easy to move it around. Besides, the comfortable saddle will ensure that you don’t get any unexpected injuries when riding.
  • It moves around well. The tires make it easy to ride this bike in multiple terrains. It also makes it easy to make tight corners.
  • The power modes also allow you to switch to your preferred power modes to match the terrain or to adjust comfort.
  • The detachable battery that is simple to operate and also shows you the remaining charge puts this bike on another level.
  •  It comes with multiple gear options that are easy to switch up and down. The hydraulic disc also makes its brake system more effective.


The bike is good in many features but also has a few flaws that perhaps the manufactures overlooked.

  • The pedals. The pedals are a bit of concern because the design was somehow more basic. You’d need toecaps for a better experience if you plan to cycle up on hills.
  • When you’re riding the bike, it is also a bit confusing knowing the power mode you’re using.
Is it Worth the Price?

Well, finally, apart from the pedals and the slight confusion with the power modes, this bike stands out in most features. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a two-year warranty and unlike other regular mountain bikes, this bike is can last you up to a good 30 miles which is great and it is designed to ensure the comfort of the rider. Some core features like the hydraulic disk etc pushes its performance rate above par, and so, yes, it’s worth the price.

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