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Best Electric Bike With Power For Hills – Review 2022 – 2023

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Our Recommended Best Electric Bike with Power for Hills Is The The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike !

Best Electric Bike With Power For Hills

On your daily commute or exercise cycle, hills were probably something you would avoid when riding your regular bike, however, now with the extra assistance from the powerful motor on an electric bike model, cycling up challenging climbs has never been easier. 

But, this doesn’t mean all electric bikes are suited to riding up climbs, many often come with different assist levels, weight distribution and electric motors, so it’s important to choose the best bike with the right feature parts you need. 

So as we can simplify your search for the best electric bike to help your get up the steepest hills, we have put together a list of the best bikes on the market and reviewed them to narrow down the best options there are for you. 

Let’s get into it!

Our Top Hill Climbing Electric Bike Choice – 

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike (Editor’s Pick!)

Ancheer is very well known in the electric bike industry for creating some high-performance e-bikes which can tackle steep inclines. 

This electric bike, in particular, features an electric folding bike frame and uses a 250W motor for power which can help you reach a maximum speed of 15-17mph, it also has a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion front battery which could give you a potential range of 30-miles when riding off a full single charge. 

For assistance, the bike comes with three different working modes; e-bike, assisted and normal bike depending on the power you require from the bike, a throttle option is further included for boosts of power when needed. 

Design-wise, the Ancheer bike has front and rear disc brakes followed by a front fork suspension, 7-speed gear system and 26-inch integrated wheels which have wide tyres for extra support when riding off flat terrain. 

The electric bike additionally comes 85% assembled for easier set-up. 


To conclude, this Ancheer bike is of the best quality bikes on our list if you are looking for a versatile bike that is portable for adventures yet stronger than conventional bikes thanks to its range of gears and level of assistance included. 

A beginner would also find this bike a fun ride because of its simple LED control system which allows you to monitor your average speed and switch between assist modes with ease when tackling steep climbs.

Downfalls of the Ancheer bike are its assembly which despite coming 85% together, needs you to install the throttle which can be difficult as a beginner. The overall build quality of this model is additionally reported to be poor. 


  • Three working pedal assist modes. 
  • Great gear transmission. 
  • UK legal 250W powered motor.
  • Electric folding bike design.
  • Lightweight frame. 
  • Front suspension fork for extra comfort.


  • Poor overall build-quality for price. 
  • Set-up of bike requires you to install complicated parts. 

Our Second Powerful Alternative – The HCMNME Electric Mountain Bike

The HCMNME electric bike is one of the most expensive bike models on our list of your looking for assistance when tackling challenging climbs. 

Feature-wise, the bike has a high-powered motor of 1000W and a 45V 17.5Ah battery which could potentially cover up to 55km when used on pedal-assist mode, paired with a maximum speed of up to 50km/h.

Front and rear disc brakes are included with the bike by its 26-inch wheels and it has a 21-speed gear shift system along with 7 different pedal assistance modes to choose from.

Notable design specs of this bike are its lightweight aluminium alloy frame and front suspension fork, the bike additionally has an LCD to show the assistance level that is chosen and shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.


Overall, this HCMNME bike is the one to go for if you are looking for a large amount of extra power to climb steep hills and ride on complicated terrains with no difficulties. 

The wide range level of assistance and powerful battery-powered motor allows you to zoom up any kind of hill with ease and has a rear hubs motor placement for an extra push feeling. 

Obvious disadvantages of this high power level bike have to be the fact it is not legal to take out on most roads, especially in the UK. The bike additionally has a heavy weight due to its wider tyres and is very expensive compared to other affordable options on the market. 


  • High power rear hubs motor system. 
  • 7 PAS models. 
  • 21-speed gear shift. 
  • Strong front suspension fork. 
  • LCD. 
  • Shock absorption. 
  • Generous battery range.


  • Very expensive. 
  • Not legal for road use. 
  • Heavy. 

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

The Swifty electric mountain bike features a 36V 9.6 Ah lithium-ion battery and a 250W hub motor to assist when riding.

Main specs of this hub-mounted motor model are its three levels of pedal assist and a walking mode, the bike additionally can reach up to a 30-mile range from the battery systems and it has a charging time of three hours.

In terms of design, the mountain bike uses Shimano 7-speed gears and has a TY-21 rear derailleur along with will 27.5-inch tyres. The e-bike additionally has zoom front suspension forks disc brakes, this is all mounted on to a lightweight alloy frame and has a total weight of around 20kg.


Overall, this hub-mounted motor electric bike is a great option for hill climbing thanks to its durable design that features good gear transmission and tough mountain bike tyres to assist with this style of riding. 

We also liked this bike in particular due to its lightweight, which means the mountain bike can still be moved around easily and has options such as walk mode to support you if you have to walk with your bike on your commute or adventure.

Drawbacks of this Swifty electric mountain bike have to be its non-adjustable handlebars which might not be suited to every user and lack of assistance for riding up hills, many people have reported the battery drain quickly after climbing hills and the Shimano gears not giving enough support.


  • UK legal powerful motor. 
  • Shimano 7-speed gear transmission.
  • Front suspension. 
  • 27-inch tyres. 
  • Lightweight alloy frame. 
  • Quick battery charging time.


  • Power assistance from the bike is said to not be enough for hills. 
  • No adjustability on handlebars.

ANCHEER Electric Bike Updated City Model

This Ancheer electric city bike comes with a 250W motor and a 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery system which can give you up to 30 miles of range to ride with and is also removable for safer charging. 

Notable features of this bike are its three working modes; normal bike, pedal-assist and throttle, as well as its six-hour charging time. Shimano 21-speed shifter gear transmission is included too and it has aluminium alloy rims paired with 26-inch tyres. 

Total weight of this model comes in at around 27kg and it has an adjustable saddle and handlebars as part of its aluminium frame. Mechanical disc brakes are included for stopping power. 

A one year warranty is added with this Ancheer bike for buyers confidence.



The Ancheer updated city bike model gives plenty of power if you want a mix of a traditional road bike design with the ability to climb steep terrains thanks to its powered motor and Shimano 21-speed gear transmission. 

Unlike other standard bikes, this model also has great battery power which will help you have more range despite climbing lots of hills with the bike. 

Negatives of this beautiful bike are its saddle which is said to be very uncomfortable, the brakes and other parts may also need some tightening and adjusting upon setting up the model.


  • Shimano 21-speed gear shift system. 
  • 26-inch tyres. 
  • Adjustable saddle & handlebars. 
  • Double disc brakes. 
  • Good battery range. 
  • Three-level assistance for steep hills. 
  • Removable battery.


  • Uncomfortable seat. 
  • Might need some adjustments upon arrival. 

HCMNME Electric Mountain Bike (500W)

This HCMNME electric bike is the second of our HCMNME models on our list and comes with a high motor power of 500W along with a 48V 12.8Ah battery that can give this bike a range of up to 130km off one single charge. 

Important specs of this rear hub motors design are its three levels of assist for riding with which has power modes of; normal bike, e-bike and assisted bike depending on the help you need when going uphill. The charging time of this bike is up to 6 hours and it can climb inclines of 30-degrees with little issues. 

Design-wise the electric mountain bike utilises a 21-speed gear shift system and uses an aluminium alloy frame with alloy spoke rims and 26-inch wheel size. The model additionally has EBS brakes with shock absorption and folds up for easier storage.


To conclude, this HCMNME powerful electric bike is a powerful bike for range and hills thanks to its 500W motor and large capacity battery. Not only is the model one of the best electric bikes for hills but it also has shock absorption which compared to other models, makes this e-bike great for use on tough terrains and more comfortable.

Negatives of the bike are its heavyweight which might cause some drag when riding uphills and make it less portable, the prices of the HCMNME models are also very expensive.


  • Powerful 500-watt motor torque.
  • Three levels of assist. 
  • 21-speed gear shift. 
  • Generous range off a single charge. 
  • Strong mountain bike suspension.
  • Great for hill climbing at 30-degrees.


  • Heavy bike. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Not portable

Our Final Verdict – Which Electric Bike The Best For Hill Climbing 

To conclude our reviews and comparisons, the best and most affordable price bike has to be the ANCHEER electric mountain bike thanks to its nimble ride design which is powerful enough to help with assisting you up hills thanks to its three different power modes from the motor. 

This ANCHEER model is also our number one choice because of its quality design which has a durable frame/ fork, making it ideal for a smooth ride on mountain type terrain. 

As a more expensive yet powerful runner up, we would suggest checking out the HCMNME Electric Mountain Bike (1000W), this electric bike may not be UK road legal, but is an exceptional bike for climbing even the steepest of inclines due to its large motor torque and battery capacity. 

The only reason we didn’t place this model as number one is because of its heavyweight and the fact that its motor is over the legal limit.

What To Look For In The Best Electric Bikes For Hills (Our Buying Guide)

Now we have found our top electric bikes for climbing up hills, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the essential features you need to be looking for in a hill-climbing bike. 

We have composed a short buying guide below that will give you all the info you need to know.

Best Features To Consider In an Electric Bike For Hills

From the battery capacity and motor power to the number of gears that your model has, there are several important features you need to be ensuring your e-bike has before making a final purchase, especially if you want to be using your bike mainly for hills. 

We have listed these essential features below. 

  • Motor power & type – First off, you want to make sure that your motor will give you enough assistance to get up those hills, now in the UK you are restricted to a motor power of 250W, so this power should be your maximum limit. Where your motor is placed on your bike also matters, mid-drive motors tend to be a little better for hills while hub motors are not as good.
  • Battery – Your battery should have a decent capacity so it can give you the range you will need despite having to use more power to get you over hills.
  • Gears – For climbing hills, your e-bike needs to be kitted out with some good Shimano gears such as the 7-speed set or 21-speed set.
  • PAS modes – Most of the best e-bikes will come with three levels of PAS which allows you to use your bike with full assistance, half assistance and no assistance at all. The more levels you have then the more varying assistance, some models even have a throttle to boost your bike with extra power when you need it.
  • Brakes – The most expensive hill-climbing e-bikes will have hydraulic disc brakes which give incredible stopping power, however, double disc brakes will also be a good option for people on a budget.
  • Weight – Choosing a lightweight e-bike will help you climb hills easier due to there being less drag, avoid very heavy bikes with heavy rear racks or hub motors.
  • Frame – An agile bike with a strong front suspension fork is what you should be looking for in the best e-bike for hills, many affordable models come with a lightweight aluminium frame while some of the more expensive options can come with a carbon fork.
  • Accessories – From a double-battery system to an integrated rack and headlights, depending on what you will be using your bike for you should ensure it comes with the essential accessories so as you don’t have to buy them separately. 
  • Warranty – No matter what your electric bike should arrive with a one-year warranty in case you get a faulty design or motor included with the bike.


What is throttle mode on an e-bike? 

Throttle mode gives you an extra boost of power from the motor and helps assist you with speed when you need to pull away from traffic or get up hills.

How many gears should an e-bike for hills have? 

If you want to get the most out of your bike for difficult terrains and hills then you should aim for your bike to come with at least 21 gears like the Shimano set.

What motor types are the best for hill climbing? 

The best motor type on an e-bike for hills is a mid-drive motor thanks to its even balance of power that gives due to its middle location, second best is a rear hub motor.

How much does a hill-climbing e-bike typically cost?

This changes on the model you go for and its power, but in general, your bike would be in a range between £500-£800, but some higher quality powerful bikes can even go up to £1000. 

Should I sit or stand when climbing a hill with my e-bike?

Depending on the overall incline of the hill, if it is a small and flatter gradient you could stand, however, for very steep hills it could be best to sit for better balance and stability.

What are the benefits of e-bikes for hills?

Well, not only can electric bikes assist you in getting up hills, but they can also speed up your commute time, help you avoid public transport and take you longer distances than you could go with a regular bike.

They are also exceptional for people who struggle with fitness and get fatigued easily but want to get outdoors more.

Our #1 Electric Bike For Climbing Up Steep Hills

Our number one electric bike for climbing hills is the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike thanks to its affordable price and durable design which makes this bike reliable to use on a variety of terrains and inclines. 

We also suggested checking out the HCMNME Electric Mountain Bike (1000W) because of its extreme motor power and generous battery capacity which can assist you in cycling up hills with no effort needed, however, this bike is very heavy and not within the UK legal limit, therefore comes second.

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