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Best Women’s Electric Bike – Reviews 2022 – 2023


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Women\’s Electric Bike Is The BIKFUN Electric Bike!

Best Womens Electric Bike

I\’m sure by now you\’ve heard about the all the endless benefits of owning an e-bike, whether you live in a hilly area and need some assistance when cycling, or want to speed up your commuting time without driving, owning an electric bike is a great investment.

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With all the different electric bikes on the market, brands are now making e-bikes with frames specifically designed for women for a more comfortable ride, however there are many different bikes to choose from which can become overwhelming.

We\’ve rounded up some of our best women\’s e-bikes below and compared them to help you decide the best model for you.

Our Top Pick! – BIKFUN Electric Bike Mountain e-bike

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Bikfun are well-known for some best electric bikes in the e-bike industry and excel in offering quality mid-priced models, this bike in particular is great for women e-bikers due to its adjustable handlebars and saddle with a lightweight design.

Power wise this electric bike has a 250 watt motor with a 36V battery that can be charged in 4-6 hours and give distances of up to 50 km. Speeds of 25 km per hour can be reached with this model.

Assistance wise this e-bikes design includes three assisted modes and has a 7 speed Shimano transmission system, it also comes with double suspension and double disc brakes for extra confidence on your ride.

The design of this bike is foldable, comes with 20 inch wheels and bright lights which are good for commuting.

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A well priced e-bike for women with adjustability and double suspension for extra comfort, has a high quality Shimano 7 speed system too, however the distance of this bike does depend on the weight of the user.


  • Good design and adjustability for women bikers with a lightweight folding ability.
  • UK legal motor and good battery distance.
  • 7 speed Shimano transmission system and three different PAS modes.
  • Affordable with good features.

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  • Range depends on the weight of the rider.u would only get to use this bicycle on flat terrain.

ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike – Number Two

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Ancheer are know in the e-bicycle industry for some very reliable models, this Ancheer model in particular is great for women riders due to its adjustable stem length and handlebars, making it comfortable for anyone to ride.

Power wise this Ancheer bicycle has a UK road legal 250 watt motor combined with its 36V lithium battery which can give a distance of up to 50 km with speeds of 25 km per hour in a 4-6 hour charge time. There are two modes of assistance with this e-bike that can be used together depending on the level of help you want.

The design of this electric bike has an aluminium alloy frame with front fork suspension and double walled rims, it also comes with dual disc brakes, Shimano 21 speed shifter system and a 26 inch front wheel.

This e-bike is a folding bike and comes with a headlight and horn making it perfect for commuting.

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You don\’t miss out on quality with this Ancheer model despite its affordable price, its adjustability also makes it great for female riders and comfortable with its suspension fork, although on the other hand this model has been reported to need a lot of adjustment and its disc brakes have also been said to rub together when cycling.


  • Very affordable with high quality build.
  • Great bike for different users due to handle bar adjustability.
  • Gives great battery distance.
  • Has a UK legal motor power making it good for road use.

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  • Brakes have been said to rub together and cause friction.
  • Due to cheaper price there are some extra things you may have to adjust upon arrival.

\”Did you know that e-bicycles are still very good exercise, some people class motor assistance as \’cheating\’, however you still need to pedal and be relatively fit to ride\”

eelo 1885 PRO Folding Electric Bike – Number Three

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The eelo branded folding bike is one of the best electric models for commuting and storing due to its folding aluminium frame which has a lightweight of only 16 kg. This e-bicycle electric wise boasts a brushless 250w motor and a LG battery which be charged in 6 hours a give a distance of 40 miles.

Assistance wise this bicycles design comes with a three speed thumb throttle control and a max speed of 15.5 mph, allowing you to choose how much assistance you need. The design of this folding bicycle comes with Kenda 14 inch tyres, tektro brakes and an LCD display.

Extra features of this folding bike model are its powerful safety lights, front and back mud guards and adjustability of its seat post making it great for women riders with a shorter frame.

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A well-designed model for commuting with UK legal motor power and an adjustable frame which is great for female bikers with a shorter physique, however it is a tad on the expensive side and lack gears for manual riding.


  • Lightweight.
  • UK legal motor with great design for commuting.
  • Adjustability suits all kind of users.
  • Great features for commuting.
  • Three different assistance levels to choose from.

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  • Expensive and lacks gears unlike other models which limits what you can do manually.


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable, 

Our recommended alternative is The AKEZ 2020 Upgrade 26 Inch Powerful Electric Bicycle For Women!

Moma Bikes Unisex\’s Electric City Bike – Number Four

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The Moma branded unisex bicycle is perfect for women riders due to its 7005 comfortable aluminium frame and 250 watt UK road legal motor that can give a power speed of up to 25 km per hour. Battery wise you get a 36V power which has a charging time of 4 hours and can give a range of 80 km (Based on a 70 kg adult on flat terrain).

Design wise this mid-priced bicycle gives you a Shimano TX-31 7 speed rear derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes which are paired with its hydraulic front fork for extra comfort and stability.

The wheels of this aluminium frame are 26 inch and comes with an LED display showing battery levels, extras of this bicycle include; front and back lights, a chain cover and a luggage rack.

[aawp fields=\”B07WRDFQXS\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


This Moma bicycle gives a high value Shimano speed system and provides a decent range from its battery but overall lacks reliability due to its range being based on a 70 kg person, if you are heavier you might find your range will differ, it also lacks adjustability and has a weak front light.


  • Great for women bikers and men with comfortable frame and front suspension.
  • Boasts a Shimano 7 speed rear system.
  • Has hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.
  • Gives a good boost whether you are commuting or tackling moderate hills.

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  • If you are heavier the bicycle will give a lot less range.
  • Lacks adjustability for different people and has weak lights.

WoRamy FIIDO D2S Electric Bike – Number Five

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This folding bike by WoRamy is perfect for commuting purposes and suits women riders well due to its sleek and lightweight design. Power wise you get a 250 watt motor with a 36V battery giving speeds of up to 25 km per hour with a 60 km distance. The battery can be charged in just 5 hours.

The boost assistance this folding bike provides comes in three different modes with a Shimano 6 speed mechanical shifter giving a smooth ride. You also get 16 inch rubber tyres, rear disc brakes, shock absorbers and an LED display.


The WoRamy folding bike looks like the perfect commuting bicycle and is great to ride whether you are a man or woman due to its well-made design and features, this model does lack adjustability however and would not be suitable for off-road use.

[aawp fields=\”B08BYHDC5K\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


  • 250 watt UK legal motor with a sleek design.
  • Quick charging battery that gives good distance.
  • Shimano six speed shift system and three power assistance levels make your ride fun.
  • Shock absorbers are included for a smooth ride.

[aawp fields=\”B08BYHDC5K\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Lacks adjustability.
  • Not suitable for off-road use and lacks extra features such as tail lights.

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\” 15.5 mph might not be considered to be fast for a lot of people, but when you take into consideration this speed can be maintained on hills and complicated terrains, electric bicycles can seriously save you time.\”

OUXI V1 Electric Bikes for Adults – Number Six

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This OUXI branded electric bike is perfect if you are on a budget and are looking for a women\’s bike with a well made unique design. Power wise this model boasts a 250 watt motor combined with its 36V battery which can give a distance of 30 km at a 25 km per hour speed. It can charge within 5 hours too.

The assistance of this unique e-bike comes in three different modes, it also has great commuting features with its night LED light and tail light. The brakes give satisfactory stopping power and 12 inch tyres provide a smooth ride for its value.

The aluminium frame of this electric bike is extremely lightweight and has a max load of 120 kg.

[aawp fields=\”B08BCF6BGB\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


A very good bicycle for a women if you are on a budget and are looking for a unique quality design but lacks power for a ride off-road and doesn\’t give range of over 50 miles which is poor compared to other models on our list.


  • UK legal motor and great commuting features.
  • Unique design and lightweight make it easier for women riders to use.
  • Three different modes of assistance are included with a quick charging time.
  • Very good value for money considering its features.

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  • Poor range given from battery probably due to lower cost.

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Judgement Time – Which Is The Best Women\’s Electric Bike?

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As an overall, all these models are suitable for women and men due to their durable frames and lightweights, however the best electric bike for women on our list has to be Bikfun mountain e-bike due to its adjustability and design which is perfect for women bikers who want go commuting or mountain biking.

In last place we had to put the OUXI branded e-bike due to the small miles given by its battery, it also lacks the ability to be ridden on tough terrains.

Women\’s Electric Bike Buying Guide

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Now we have listed out the best women bicycle models you might be wondering if there\’s any specific features you should be looking out for when choosing your best electric bike, we\’ve decided to help you out and list the most important points below to give you a head start for when you look at your electric bikes.

\”E-bikes are actually cheaper than driving a car in this modern day, as fuel costs are rising electric bicycles are able to keep running with the minimal cost of charging its battery\”

Key Features

  • Size – The best electric bikes for women will have a smaller narrower frame size and adjustability for its handle bars and seat.
  • Weight – You want to be able to have a bicycle that you can carry and transport without assistance, try to make sure e-bikes weight isn\’t above 20 kg.

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  • Brakes – Make sure your model comes with hydraulic disc brakes, this will give you the stopping power you need to remain confident on the road.
  • Batteries – Make sure your bike electric wise has a decent battery to help you get as many miles in as possible when you ride, check its charging time too. You could look for electric bikes with a removable battery as this improves safety.
  • Motor – A motor power of 250 watt should be sufficient to get you up most hills and power you through adventures, its UK road legal too.

[aawp fields=\”B08BYHDC5K\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”5\”]

  • Weight capacity – Most e-bikes will state what kind of capacity they can ride with, often if you are heavier you might get less distance out of your bicycle so this is something to consider when looking at batteries and power.
  • Gears– The best electric bike for women will comes with some gears, this is good especially for when you want to be riding manually.

What\’s The Difference Between Men And Women E-Bikes?

Honestly, there\’s not a lot of difference, with big brands like Ancheer creating some great unisex bicycles, it hard to see the differences between each kind.

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But there is some small differences between both models and their suitability will depend on you and your body type.

\”Women and men e-bikes are generally the same in what they offer, they only differ in size and frame\”

  • Narrower handlebars – Women have narrower shoulders than men, therefore well-made women bicycles tend to be designed with narrower handlebars, however wide handlebars can be good for electrical mountain bicycles as this offers much more balance.
  • Smaller frames – A women\’s physique tends to be shorter than a mans due to women having shorter torsos and inseams, therefore e-bikes for women are designed to be smaller so as they can fit more comfortably.

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  • Shorter and adjustable – The best electrical bicycles for women comes with a shorter or adjustable stem and handle bars, this is because women tend to have shorter arms and torsos.
  • Step thru frames – Some women electric bikes offer step thru frames which allow you to step on and off the frame without lifting your leg, allowing you to ride your bicycle in a dress or skirt which is great for commuting to work!

Overall, there\’s not a one size fits all, some women may find unisex or mens e-bikes suit them better to women\’s e-bikes, you should always try before you buy if you can so as you can make sure are choosing the best ride for you.

Why Should I Get a Women\’s Electric Bicycle?

E-bikes can be a pretty hefty investment so you might be wondering if you really need one or not, well, we are not biased or anything but well-made e-bikes are pretty amazing after the initial buying cost, they can be cheaper than running a car and help you cover more miles faster than you would with a normal bicycle.

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  • They can be your new car – Not only are e-bikes good exercise, they can also cut down how much you use your car, you can avoid traffic and also find easy parking by using an electric bicycle.
  • They can assist you – Whether you need that extra boost on steeper miles or need help with your daily commute ride, electric bikes with a throttle and PAS can get you to your destination without a sweat!
  • They can be more comfy – Especially for commuter bicycles, a woman\’s version will have a smaller frame and nicer seat, and who doesn\’t love a comfortable seat!
  • There battery can be charged anywhere – Most battery models that come with electric bicycles can be charged anywhere you want as long there is the correct port, allowing you to recharge before you take on more miles.

[aawp fields=\”B08BCF6BGB\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”4\”]

  • They are economical – We all know the nasty effects of cars on air pollution, electric bicycles only take 150 watts compared to 15,000 for a car.
  • Better design choice – That\’s right, women electric bicycles tend have nicer and more delicate designs, this might not suit everyone but if your into bicycle designs a women\’s bicycle may be for you, or even for men!

\”Did you know you can ride most e-bike models in all weather situations, most UK electric bicycles are designed with our British weather in mind, meaning you can keep riding your bicycle on a rainy commute with no worries.\”

How Much Should I Expect To Spend On a Women Electric Bicycle?

This all depends on what type of bicycle you are looking for and how much of a boost you want, obviously electric bicycles that have a higher powered motor and bigger battery will be more expensive as they can cover more miles, mountain bicycles also tend to get higher in the cost range due to there durable aluminium frames with extra features.

[aawp fields=\”B08BCF6BGB\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”5\”]

Women, men and unisex electric bicycles all tend to cost around the same, this can be anything from £500-£2000 depending on what features and power you need. Higher quality models with hydraulic disc brakes and many PAS levels also tend to be higher up in the price range.

You should also consider maintenance costs and any adjustments to the bicycles features such as hydraulic disc brakes.

\”It\’s a good idea to invest in a second battery for your bicycle if its removable, this allows you to keep one spare incase the other runs out of charge or dies unexpectedly. \”

[aawp fields=\”B08BCF6BGB\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”6\”]

Charging your electric bicycle is very cheap when compared to other transport costs such as fuel, the cost of keeping your battery charged will depend on how many miles it can do and you will do. You may also need to invest in a bike lock to keep your best electric bicycle secure.

What Kind Of Women Electric Bikes Are There?

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The most common form of women\’s electric bicycles are commuting types, however there are other models on the market such as hybrid and mountain e-bikes, unisex models are equally fine for women to get.

\”Did you know keeping your bicycles tyre pressure up makes a difference in how much electric and human effort is required when cycling, if you have your tyres with low pressure your bike will feel tiring to ride.\”

  • Hybrid bicycles – Women electric hybrid bicycles are a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike, they offer a relaxed shape and have a flat bar for stability similar to a mountain bike, this is a great option for women who prefer a mountain bike shape when cycling than a traditional harsher commuting bike. They also tend to be lighter than mountain bicycles and have a step thru style.

[aawp fields=\”B0769NV17S\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]

  • Road bicycles – Women electric commuting bicycles tend to be similar to mens but just have a smaller frame and normally have a specific road bike saddle for women. They differ to mountain and hybrid bicycles due to their skinnier tires and dropped handle bars for a more forward position when riding.
  • Mountain bicycles – Women electric mountain bikes tend to have narrower handle bars and a smaller stand over height, they differ to hybrid and road bikes due to their better tires and durable frame.

Overall, the type of women\’s electric bicycle you choose is up to you and what you will be using it for, hybrid is a good choice if you are unsure between having a road or mountain bicycle, all these bicycles can be bought for men too and women can choose unisex models if they wish.

[aawp fields=\”B0769NV17S\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]

Extras for these kind of bicycles can be brought easily such as saddles designed for women, you can also look out for adjustable handlebars on a commuter e-bike if you tend to find them uncomfortable.

\”The best electric bikes for women and men need to have long range, a powerful motor, a strong battery life and a lightweight body. If you have all these features including good customer reviews, your on your way to finding the perfect e-bike model for you.\”

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