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Best E-Bike Conversion Kit & Motor – Reviews 2021 – 2022

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best E-Bike Conversion Kit & Motor Is The Bafang Electric Bike Motor Kit Mid Drive!

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Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular every year, however with this popularity increase comes a price increase too, lucky for us thats why there are bike conversion kits.

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These kits allow us to electrify our normal bikes, whether you have a mountain bike, hybrid bike or road bike, there\’s a conversion kit for you. Not only does this allow you to create your own unique electric bike, it also lets you customise its power.

However, with so many kits on the market it can be hard to know where to start, so we have helped you out and rounded up the best bike conversion kits below.

\”You should keep in mind what kind of power you need on your motor, the legal limit in the UK is 250 watts and is sufficient for most people\”

Our Top Kit! – Bafang Electric Bike Motor Kit Mid Drive

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This kit by Bafang is very affordable and comes with a 500 watt motor that provides 110 Nm of torque power to assist you when riding. Batteries are bought separately.

This affordable kit also comes with; brake levers that can be hydraulic if requested, an LCD display, waterproof cable, different size chain wheels, a pair of cranks, thumb throttle, lock nuts, speed sensor and a gifted headlight.

This bike has easy installation and can fit a 73mm bottom bracket, it also comes with two pedal assist modes to use with its motor and can be installed on to any kind of bike, whether it\’s a fat tyre bike or normal road bike.

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Much more affordable than other kits on our list due to its lower motor power, this product can be fitted easily and comes with everything you need to covert your bike apart from its battery, this conversion kit does lack in power compared to other electric bike conversion kits but is sufficient for most people.


  • Affordable with sufficiently powered motor and assist levels.
  • Comes with great features including the option of hydraulic brakes.
  • Easy installation and can be used on any kind of bike.

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  • Lower power than other models and is not UK legal.

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Bafang Electric Bike Conversion Kit BBSHD – Number Two

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Bafang are well-known for their conversion kits, this kit in particular comes with a 1000 watt mid-drive motor and can be bought with a 17.5Ah rear rack battery or hailong battery, the battery is not included in the kit however. It also has 160Nm torque power.

This Bafang electric bike conversion kit includes; brake levers, an LCD display, a pair of cranks, thumb throttle, lock nuts, a speed sensor and a headlight as a gift. It also comes with all the tools require to fit this electric bike kit on your own. It can fit a standard 73mm/120mm rear wheel bottom bracket and can be attached to any kind of bike with ease.

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A very highly rated model with a powerful motor and easy installation, this product can convert any bike easily into a powerful electric bike, however, this kit does not include a battery which will be an extra cost, once you add this cost you could get a brand-new low end mountain electric bike easily.

You should also make sure you have a tool kit and you are familiar with bikes before trying to install this kit independently.

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  • Powerful motor with easy installation and variable batteries to choose from.
  • Has 160 nm of torque power.
  • Comes with all the extras needed to transform your bike into an electric one.
  • Very highly rated.


  • You need to be experienced before you try and install this kit and have extra tools on hand.
  • Doesn\’t include a battery which will be another cost.
  • You could buy a low end mountain bike by the time you add on a battery cost.

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\”Converting your bike into an electric one is not only fun but can replace your car as a daily commuter bike, making it a very economical choice.\”

Junstar Mountain Bike Mid-Drive Kit – Number Three

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If you are looking for a fair priced electric bike product that comes with its battery included, look no further than this Junstar model. This electric bike kit offers a 750 watt mid drive motor with a torque of 120Nm and can be paired with 11.6Ah or 17.5Ah battery packs, you can also choose the rear rack version of the 17.5Ah if you wish.

The battery charging time is 4-7 hours and the total price of your kit will depend on the battery that you choose, it can also reach a range of up to 60 km once installed with your bike and fully charged. The Junstar electric bike conversion kits model can fit a standard 73mm bottom bracket.

This electric bike product also comes with; brake levers that can be changed to hydraulic upon request, an LCD display, chain wheel with a plastic guard, a pair of cranks, thumb throttle, speed sensor and more.

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One of the best electric bike conversion kits on our list due to its affordable price and inclusion of battery, it also comes with a sufficiently powered motor and has great accessories to make your bikes conversion easy. Downfalls have to be its lower powered motor, but 750 watt is sufficient for most people.


  • Very affordable, can be paired with different battery strengths and give a sufficient amount of pedal assist.
  • Can easily fit a bottom bracket.
  • Comes with great features and good ratings.

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  • Not as powerful compared other electric bike conversion kits.

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theebikemotor Electric MTB Conversion Kit – Number Four

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This theebikemotor brand comes with a 3000 watt motor with 155 Nm of torque power. It also comes with a MTX sun bicycle rim and can be bought with a 48V/60V/72V battery depending on how much range you want your electric bike to have.

Cost does go up however the higher the voltage you choose. If you choose a 72V battery you can get speed range of around 80 km per hour.

This electric bike conversion kits model includes a 60A controller with a 24MOZ tube protecting the life of its battery. It also comes with; a TFT display, brake level, a throttle and a 6/7 speed gear system.

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One of the best electric bike conversion kits on our list due to its high motor power and features, however this kit has bad ratings and is very expensive once you add in the battery cost and choose a larger wheel size.


  • Very powerful motor with high assist torque power meaning it can tackle hills with ease.
  • Can be bought with different batteries depending on your budget.
  • Comes with a 60A controller and other features.

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  • Very expensive product if you want a wheel size over 20 inches with a decent battery.
  • Bad ratings.
  • You could buy a decent electric bike for the same money.

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\”Did you know there are different types of conversion kits; front wheel, rear wheel, friction and mid-drive kits, each have their different pros and cons, with mid-drive usually being the most expensive and front wheel being the cheapest.

ELECYCLES Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit – Number Five

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This electric bike conversion kits model includes its battery with in its price. This kit is powered via its 250 watt motor and comes with either a 36V 5.2Ah battery or a 7.0 Ah battery depending on how much range you need.

It also comes with an intelligent controller for the motor and a mobile app to adjust its speed. This kit has a throttle to assist with speed and two waterproof cables for installation. Its motor speed can also reach 32 km per hour due to its design.

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A very affordable UK legal electric conversion kit for bike models, has a great price considering its batteries are included and an easy installation thanks to its limited cables and front wheel design, downfalls of this product are its lack of power and accessories such as headlights and tools to help the installation process, front wheel kits also prove less traction than rear ones.


  • UK legal motor with two batteries to choose from.
  • Easy installation due to two cables.
  • Mobile app to adjust speed limit.
  • Intelligent controller to shut off motor when brakes are used.
  • Very affordable and can reach a good speed.

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  • Lack of accessories included with lower power than other conversion kits on our list.
  • You need to make sure your bike has a strong enough front fork to handle the weight.

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\”Rear hub kits tend to be better than front wheel kits due to them giving the bike better balance, traction and acceleration because of their rear wheel bottom bracket placement, front wheel kits will often depend on the front fork of the bike.\”

ReaseJoy Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – Number Six

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The ReaseJoy front wheel kit comes with a 1000 watt motor that boasts a 48 km per hour top speed and can fit most bicycles on the market easily. It also includes thumb throttle pedal assistance.

This best electric conversion kit comes with a 26 inch front wheel and dual mode controller for the motor. Its drive system operates with no chains or gears and the brakes shut off the motor automatically to save power.

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A very affordable kit with a high-powered motor and easy front wheel conversion, can be paired with different batteries too. However this kit lacks quality and extra features due to its lower price, its ratings have showed its kit to lack durability and its controller can not be paired with a PAS system.


  • Very affordable with powerful motor and front wheel.
  • Thumb throttle included to assist.
  • Dual mode controller for motor included.

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  • Lacks quality due to low price, battery doesn\’t come included and often comes with problems after it\’s been fitted.
  • Can\’t be used on fat tyre bicycles.
  • Front wheel conversions can be complicated, you need to ensure your bike has a strong enough front fork.

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Our Final Verdict – Which Is The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Overall, the best electric bicycle conversion kit has to be the mid-drive conversion kit by Bafang due to its affordable price, sufficiently powered motor and two pedal assist modes that are included in its system, this kit is also very easy to install and has great ratings.

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In last place is the ReaseJoy 1000 watt front wheel conversion kit due to its lack of accessories and design which may not be safe for bikes with a weaker front fork and offers less reliability than other kits on our list.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits Buying Guide

Now we\’ve had a look at some of the top electric bike conversion kits, you might be wondering if you really need one or should you just buy a new e-bike upfront instead?

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There\’s also some specific types of conversion kits you need to know before you choose one for your bike.

\”If you have more to spend why not consider buying a conversion kit that has an LCD screen and battery included? This can help you convert your bike all within just one product, you can even connect the LCD with GPS features\”

Types of electric bike conversion kits

  • Front hub conversion kits – These kits are very easy to install and do not require help, all you need to do is replace your bikes front wheel with the one in the kit and connect the wires up, then you have yourself an e-bike!

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  • Rear hub kits – Rear hub kits perform in the same way as front wheel kits do, you simply replace the rear wheel on your bike with rear wheel provided, they tend to be a better option due to them giving balance and traction to the bike.
  • Mid drive kits – Mid drive kits are one of the most expensive kits due to the placement of the motor in the middle of the frame, this kit allows you to use low gears and are smaller.

What features should I look for in a kit?

  • Power – You should make sure you choose the right watts of power for you, bear in mind the UK legal wattage limit is 250 watts, the higher in power you go, the bigger the battery you will need.

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  • Battery amps – Make sure you check how high your batteries amps are as this will determine the range you can ride.
  • LCD – You need a display to come with your kit as it will show essential information like your battery life and speed.
  • Brake levers – Your kit should come with either hydraulic disc brakes or brakes with sensors so as it can cut off the motor accordingly when you brake.

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  • Pedal assistance or throttle – Your e-bike kit should come with pedal assist or a throttle so as you can get power, if it has a pedal assist you will need to make sure you cycle as this is what will start the motor.
  • Compatibility – Make sure if you choose a rear wheel or front wheel kit that fits your bike, if not you will end up replacing the product for a smaller or bigger one.

\”Did you know you can electrify any kind of bike you want? Most bike conversion kits can fit any kind of bike, fat tyre bikes are normally the only exception.\”

Pros & Cons Of Using A Conversion Kit

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You still might be sitting on the bench about getting a conversion kit, these kits are still fairly expensive, and if you add up a small amount you could get a new e-bike completely, so why get a kit?

Well, kits are often still cheaper than a brand new e-bike and if you already have a bike you love then why switch it?

We\’ve listed out the pros and cons below so as you can weigh them up.


  • You get to choose your unique design or keep your old bike!
  • A conversion kit is often cheaper than a brand new e-bike.
  • They can be reinstalled on other bikes if you get bored with your model.
  • They are normally easy to install due to tools being included with a clear manual.
  • You get choose the exact speed and power you want.

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  • Conversion kits still lack features that a complete e-bike has.
  • The bike will be a lot heavier and different to use.
  • If you don\’t install your kit correctly it can become quite dangerous and even damage your own bike.