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Best Electric Bike For Long Distances – Reviews 2022 – 2023


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Electric Bike For Long Distance Is The Shengmilo MX02S!

Best Electric Bike For Long Range Touring

Bike touring is a great adventure to partake in, using only your electric bicycle to get from one point to another can be a great way to see sights and tour around an area.

This is made especially easy with electric bikes due to their powerful motors which can give you assistance with your long distance riding, allowing people of all fitness levels to partake.

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However, you need to consider some important points before choosing your long distance e-bike; are you going off-road? How far are you going to be riding each day? This will determine the type of bike you need for your adventure.

We\’ve rounded up our best electric bikes for long distances below to help you out with your decision.

Our Top Long Range Pick! – Shengmilo MX02S Electric Bike

[aawp fields=\”B08BCTK66Z\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This Shengmilo mountain bike is perfect if you are looking to include some off-road cycling routes in your tour. It comes with a 1000 watt motor and a 48V battery for extra power when cycling. The battery only takes 6-8 hours to charge.

Speed wise this model can reach up to 40 km per hour but can also be set with a speed limit, it has a gradability of 35 degrees for more incline situations. Assistance wise this mountain bike comes with three different modes with a 50 km range from its battery.

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Main features of this e-bike are its hydraulic disc brakes, aluminium alloy frame and 21 speed Shimano shift system for ultimate confidence when riding long distance.

Most notably this mountain e-bike also comes with 4 inch wide fat tyres which are perfect for tackling any kind of terrain you might come across on your tour.


A very powerful mountain bike that seems reliable enough to take you long distances with no issues due to its well-built battery and design, however, this model is quite expensive and hard to assemble but is a great bike to take touring if you can invest.

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  • Powerful bike that can tackle incline off-road trails with ease.
  • Battery supports long distances.
  • Fat tyres give reliability when riding.
  • Great features for touring.


  • Expensive price due to quality design.
  • Hard to assemble.
  • Not legal to use on UK roads.

ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike – Number Two

[aawp fields=\”B08KQFS8KY\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This Ancheer model is rated very highly and perfect for long distance touring due to its UK legal 250 watt motor and 36V battery. This e-bike can give a range of 35 miles once charged and can reach speeds of up to 25 km per hour.

The model also has folding abilities and adjustable handlebars/stem length so as it can fit a variety of different riders comfortably, along with its high quality aluminium frame and front suspension fork which give extra reliability for riding longer distances.

Assistance wise this e-bike boasts two modes and comes with dual disc brakes, Shimano 21 speed shifter and 26 inch wheels.

[aawp fields=\”B08KQFS8KY\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


A reliable well-built mountain bike that has great features and is most importantly UK road legal, this the best affordable touring bike for medium difficulty tours, however, this model does lack range compared to more powerful e-bikes on our list, its quality may also suffer with long distance use due to its cheaper price.


  • UK road legal making it great for touring.
  • Well-built with robust features.
  • Comfortable to ride due to suspension.
  • Very affordable and great value for money.

[aawp fields=\”B08KQFS8KY\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Lacks range compared to other e-bikes on our list.
  • Might not hold long distance due to cheaper design.

\”One of the best tips I\’ve learned for e-bike touring is to travel light, your motor and battery will already be working at a maximum, the last thing you need to do is weight it down with unnecessary luggage.\”


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our Recommended Best Electric Bike For Long Distance Is Todimart Electric Folding Bike Fat Tire!

MARTES Electric Folding Bike Fat Tire – Number Three

[aawp fields=\”B084FJW4M5\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This Martes branded fat tyre bike is perfect for taking long distances off-road, it boasts a 500 watt motor combined with a 48V battery and has 60 Nm of torque power.

The battery is also removable and the e-bike can reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour. Features such as a shock absorbing fork, dual disc brakes, headlights and a long distance designed seat allow you to have full comfort when touring.

Maximum load of this electric fat tyre bike is 150 kg and comes with an LCD screen which has five gears, followed by its Shimano 7 speed transmission.

[aawp fields=\”B084FJW4M5\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


A well-made fat tyre bike that has great features for using this model off-road and commuter style with its horn and headlights, it also folds which is great for storage purposes. On the other hand this electric bike does lack adjustability on its seat and handlebars, it\’s also not legal to use for touring on UK roads.


  • Powerful bike with fat tyres meaning it can tackle any terrain when ridden long distance.
  • Removable battery.
  • Great commuting features.
  • Range of different gears.

[aawp fields=\”B084FJW4M5\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Lack of adjustability for different riders.
  • Not legal for road use in UK.

\”Did you know the longest range of an e-bike ever recorded was 228 miles by the Delafasts prime electric bicycle.\”

Bestice Electric Bikes for Adult ONEBOT – Number Four

[aawp fields=\”B089YR97K3\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This very affordable Bestice commuting style e-bike comes with a 250 watt motor and a 36V battery which can be charged within 3-5 hours, can do a range of up to 50 km and top speeds of 25 km per hour.

Its ergonomic design boasts a non-slip handle which can reduce discomfort from long distance riding, along with its foldable lightweight aluminum alloy frame which is easy to carry after riding.

Most important features of this electric bike are its 15 degree gradient, dual disc brakes and three speed gear system. Assistance wise it also comes with two modes and has rear shock absorbers combined with anti skid 16 inch tyres for durability on the road.

[aawp fields=\”B089YR97K3\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


An affordable option for people looking to take a bike on long distance commutes due to its ergonomic design and comfort features, this e-bike on the other hand is not suitable for tours that involve off-road terrains and larger inclines.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort during long distance use.
  • Perfect as a road bike due to gear system and features.
  • Very affordable and has UK legal motor.
  • Foldable for storing after use.

[aawp fields=\”B089YR97K3\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Not an e-bike to be used for steep inclines and difficult terrain.
  • Lack of gears.
  • Cheaper design might not be as durable as other models on our list.

\”You should consider looking for an electric bike with front/rear rack capabilities if you will be doing bike touring. After all, you will need somewhere to store your luggage.\”


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our Recommended Best Electric Bike For Long Distance Is The Erik Xian Folding Ebike!

Jannyshop 14\” Folding Electric Bike – Number Five

[aawp fields=\”B07T8HGBV7\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This mid-priced Jannyshop branded electric bike is great for touring due to its medium powered 350 watt motor and 48V battery that can give a range of up to 35 km in a charge of only 3-6 hours. This model can also reach speeds of up to 35 km per hour.

Its lightweight aluminium frame can be folded for storage and comes with two assisted modes to choose from when cycling. Other included features are its disc brakes and 14 inch tyres.

[aawp fields=\”B07T8HGBV7\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


Decent bike for some long length road commutes and can reach some high speeds, however would struggle with long distance touring due to scooter design and lack of gears.


  • Lightweight foldable aluminium frame for storage.
  • Quick charging time and stylish design.
  • Medium powered motor with good range.

[aawp fields=\”B07T8HGBV7\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Lack of gears for long distance riding.
  • Not meant for off-road use and may struggle on inclines.


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our Recommended Best Electric Bike For Long Distance Is The Windgoo B3 Electric Bike!

Urbetter Folding Electric Bike – Number Six

[aawp fields=\”B089K7TN92\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”1\”]

This lightweight folding electric bike is one of the lowest priced models on our list as is great for touring in the UK due to its 250 watt motor and 36V battery which has a charging time of only 4 hours and a range of 23 km. This electric bike can also top speeds of 25 km per hour.

Important features of this affordable folding e-bike are its 12 inch anti skid tyres, adjustable frame, rear disc brake and IP54 waterproof rating. It also comes with a safety LED light and tail light for use at night.

Assistance wise this e-scooter comes with a cruise control system.

[aawp fields=\”B089K7TN92\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”2\”]


A very affordable scooter style electric bike which is good for short commutes and UK legal, however this model is not good for long distance riding due to its lower quality design and poor battery range.


  • UK road legal and great for short commuting.
  • Good safety features.
  • Quick charging time and waterproof rating.
  • Adjustable seat for a variety of different riders.

[aawp fields=\”B089K7TN92\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”3\”]


  • Lower quality design due to cheaper price.
  • Lack of range from battery.
  • No assistance levels.

Our Verdict – The Best Electric Bike For Long Range Touring

[aawp fields=\”B08BCTK66Z\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”medium\” image=\”1\”]

Overall to conclude, the best electric bike on our list for riding long distances has to be the Shengmilo MX02S electric bike due to its extremely high power and well-built design, however if you are looking for a more affordable runner-up which is UK road legal we suggest the Ancheer mountain bike for long range touring.

[aawp fields=\”B08KQFS8KY\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”medium\” image=\”1\”]

Last on our list is the Urbetter folding bike model due to its commuter style design which isn\’t practical for long range touring.

\”Did you know you can charge your electric bike nearly anywhere on the road? Hotels, supermarkets and restaurants are good places to recharge for a couple of extra miles, as long as there is a power point nearby why not!

Long Distance Electric Bike Buying Guide

Now you\’ve had a look at some long range touring e-bikes and found the best one, your probably wondering what features you should be looking out for in e-bike so as you can know the best one for touring with.

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Well, don\’t worry, we\’ve got you covered with our little touring buying guide below.

Key Features

  • Battery range/charge – Taking you e-bike long distances with uneven terrains will reduce its battery charge greatly, you either need a bike with a long range to accommodate this or a removable battery so as you can keep a spare charged. You should also make sure it\’s charging time isn\’t too long.

[aawp fields=\”B084FJW4M5\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”4\”]

  • Frame – The frame of your bike should be lightweight but very durable, go for quality over price in this case.
  • Motor power – More power doesn\’t always mean a better a bike, you need to consider how you will be using it too. If you are planning to do long road distance biking then you should make sure your motor is UK legal.
  • Front/rear racks – These options are useful as you will need to carry extra things.

[aawp fields=\”B08BLF95VD\” value=\”thumb\” image_size=\”large\” image=\”4\”]

  • Bike geometry – You need to make sure you choose a model which has the right geometry for you, if it\’s a mountain bike with high suspension you should only look at these models, comfort is big factor when riding long distances.
  • Seat – The most important factor of all! No-one wants a sore behind after long distance cycling adventures, the best long range touring e-bikes often design comfort seats and comfort grip handlebars with this is in mind.

\”Your priority should be comfort when choosing your long-range touring bike, if you don\’t feel comfortable then you\’re not going to enjoy the adventure.\”

What Is Electric Bike Long Range Touring?

Bicycle touring can go on for days, weeks or months and the distance is ridden by only using your e-bike. You can pass through cities, states and even countries when you partake in these adventures, whether you go solo or in a group, the choice is yours.

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Its often good to plan your route for these trips so as you can factor in accommodation and stopping points to charge your electric bikes battery.

\”Try and tour with small groups, not only is the company great but people can help you out if your bike gets into any trouble, small groups are also better than large as fewer arguments tend to happen on tour.\”

Advantages Of Using an E-bike For Touring

As we all know, electric bikes are pretty awesome due to the assistance they give, but for touring especially these bikes really excel in what they offer, giving us a new way to travel long distance for everyone, not just limited people.

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  • You can put half the effort and get twice the speed.
  • You\’re not left tired after a long day of cycling.
  • Perfect for elderly or people with injuries who can\’t ride normal bikes but still want to tour.
  • You can cover more distance in a shorter time frame.
  • You can ride long distance no matter your fitness level.
  • You can tackle harsher inclines without getting tired.

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