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What Is A Folding Bike Tire? Find Out Here!

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Why Should You Buy a Foldable Bike Tire?

A folding bicycle tire is a type of tire that has a spring-loaded mechanism that allows it to fold up into a compact shape, allowing for easy storage.

It was invented in 1891 by Englishman William Radford. It was patented in 1897.

In the 1930s, it was adapted for use with children’s bikes.

Folding bicycles are now widely used in Japan, referred to as “bakuhatsu” (folding bikes).

The popularity of folding bicycles has grown in recent years and are often seen on city streets, especially in Tokyo.

The first folding bicycle tires were made from rubber and had metal springs. The springs would push down on the tread when tire pressure was applied.

This design worked well but could not be stored flat because the springs were pushed against each other.

Later designs moved away from this method and instead used air bladders or plastic springs.

Because of the advancement in tire engineering, most modern folding bicycle tires are designed to be folded without using any springs at all.

Why Folding Bike Tires Different?

Folding bikes use a different type of tire than regular ones. A folding bike uses a Kevlar strand instead of wires. This allows the tire to be folded down into a smaller size. Having a folding tire makes commuting easier for casual bikers because you can carry it around with you.

Foldable tires are made out of rubber compounds. They weigh less than regular tires. They have lighter materials, but they don’t last as long. Their treads are usually made out of a dual-compound tread. Thread counts are essential for folding tires. Higher thread per inch count makes them more comfortable while riding.

Folding Tires vs. Regular Tires

Folding Tires vs. Regular Tires

Foldable tires use Kevlar instead of steel. Steel is stronger but less flexible. Kevlar is more flexible but weaker. Therefore, foldable tires are better suited for bikes because they have a higher rate of speed.

Current folding tires are heavier than common tires. They cost more as well. Folding tires are not very budget-friendly.

Foldable mountain bike tires are made up of several different types of rubbers. Soft rubber treads grip better on rough terrain, while hard rubber treads grip better when riding smooth roads. Folding bikes use soft rubber treads because they’re more durable.

Foldable tires are lighter than regular bike tires. They are easier to store because you don’t need to carry them around. However, if you ride a bike for longer distances, you should get normal tires instead.

Do folding tires cost more than other tires?

Folding bikes cost more than regular bicycles because they require more parts. However, they are cheaper than regular bicycle tires.

Of course, when you review all the above information, the prices do make sense.

Folded bike tires don’t use the exact same kinds of materials as traditional tires or car tires. They’re also an uncommon tire type, thus increasing their cost even more.

If you want to buy a folding bike tire, you’ll probably pay more than $20 than the average bike tire price. But if you’re going to buy a regular one, you’ll likely spend between $10-$15 for traditional, non-folding tires.

Why choose a folding tire?

Folding tires are light and easy to carry. Road riders can easily fold them up when they’re done riding.

Wire beads cost less than folding ones, but they’re not as strong. If you want to save weight, go for folding tires.

If you plan on using your folding bike often, buy a set of folding tires. You will always know what type of tire you need.

When you’re looking at buying new tires, consider the price. The average cost for a pair of folding tires is $50-$60. That’s about half the price of a pair of regular tires.

Folding bike tires tend to last longer than other types of tires. They’re designed to be more durable.

Folding tires are easy to install. When ready to replace your old tires, take off the old one and put on the new one. No tools are required!

The best thing about folding tires is that they’re lightweight. This makes them ideal for carrying around.

What Are Some Types Of Folding Bike Tire Brands?

What Are Some Types Of Folding Bike Tire Brands?

There are many brands of folding bike tires available. We’ve listed below some of the most popular brands:

  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Schwalbe
  • Kenda
  • Nokian
  • Tubus
  • Bontrager 

What is the best tire for a folding bike?

When choosing bike tires for folding bikes, first and foremost, check the size of the tires on your current bike. Next, determine what type of terrain you will be riding the bicycle on.

You will be given a list of tires and asked to select the correct answer by clicking the radio button next to each option.

Tire Size

We can use the standard bike tire size as a reference to figure out the wheel size. For example, if you see a tire size of 35mm × 349mm, then you know that the wheel size must be 16″ or 35mm.

Wheel Size

We have to look at the rim width to find the wheel size. Most rims are either 700c or 650c. To find the correct rim size, divide the number of inches by 2.3. Then multiply this

Tire Dimensions

A 16″ bicycle tire should fit perfectly onto the tire rim. There are many different sizes available for bicycles, but most people choose a standard size such as 26″, 29″, or 700c. This means that you need to know your wheel’s size before buying a new tire.

Tire Construction

A tire is made of up to four components; the bead center, carcass, tire rubber, and additionally, it could include a protection belt.

Tire construction refers to the way these parts are assembled. Most tires have two layers of rubber. One layer is called the tread. The other layer is called the casing. These two layers are bonded together.

Essentially, the tread is where the tire contacts the ground. It helps keep the tire from slipping and sliding.

The casing is the innermost layer of the tire. It keeps the tread from wearing too quickly.

Bead Core

Beads are used to secure the tire to the wheel. The size of the beads determines tire diameters. Kevlar bead cores allow for more flexibility, and hence we have folding tires. Folding tires are convenient for touring or traveling because they take up much smaller space than a standard tire. Folding tires tend to weigh less than regular tires.

Rubber Tread

Tires are made up of rubber and other components. Rubber is used as the main material. Tires also contain different types of fillers.

Fillers help make tires more durable and flexible. Softeners soften the rubber. Anti-aging agents protect the rubber from aging. Vulcanizing aids help bind the rubber together. Vulcanization accelerators speed up the process of vulcanization. Pigments and dyes give the tire its color.

Protection Belt

A protection belt is an extra layer of material added to a tire. The protection belt protects the tire from punctures caused by thorns and other sharp objects. Tires with a high-quality protection belt are more expensive than those without.

Tire Types

There are five different tire types;

  1. Normal tire,
  2. Folding Tire,
  3. Tubeless Tire,
  4. Tubular Tire
  5. Solid Tire.

Last words

Now that you understand why folding bike tires are so great, we hope that you’ll decide to purchase a pair of bicycle wheels for yourself. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you’ll find it helpful.

We wish you the best of luck with your future purchases.

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