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How Do You Override/Remove The Speed Limiter On An Ebike?

How To Increase Maximum Speed In E-Bikes

E-Bikes are becoming more popular every day. They offer a great way to get around town without having to rely on gas or public transportation.

However, they come with some limitations.

For example, e-bikes usually only go at speeds up to 20mph. E-bikes could technically go faster, but you need to override their limit.

If you want to ride faster, you\’ll need to tamper with the speed limiter.

What Is A Speed Limiter On An E-Bike?

The term \”speed limiter\” refers to a device that limits the maximum speed of an electric bike.

This is important because some laws (depending on the country) only legalize units that run 20 mph (32 km/h) or less. Aside from the law, it\’s also a safety concern.

Speed limits on electric bikes vary widely depending on where you live. In some places, there may be no speed limits at all. But in most areas, you must be aware of local laws and regulations when riding an electric bike.

Speed limits are essential when riding an electric bike. They help prevent accidents and injuries to protect people and property. They\’re also useful for regulating traffic flow and keeping everyone safe.

If you ride an electric bike outside city limits, you may not need the speed limit. However, if you ride an electric bike within city limits, you should be aware of local laws.

If you\’re using your e-bike for off-road driving, mountain adventure, or just on your personal property, you can remove the speed limit so you can run like the wind as much as you want.

Understand The Basic Principles Of Delimiting

How the speed limiter works is that once you reach the speed limit, the motor stops working. 

Once it senses the limit speed, it prevents the engine from getting more electrical power and assistance.

Tuning your electric bicycle, removing the speed limiter, or simply delimitating is removing the e-bike\’s pedal assistance limit and allowing you to drive well over the limit on your unit. There are some risks associated with this technology.

Manufacturers set the speed limit based on legal regulations. Bike motors are generally allowed to be 250 watts with a maximum speed of 25km/h.


Delimiting your E-Bike will void the manufacturer\’s warranty.

Components Of An E-Bike Responsible For The Speed

An electric bike has three main parts that help it achieve and limit speed:


The electric bike motors or engine is what provides its motion. The electric bike motor is the heart of an electric bicycle.

Electric bike motors can be mounted in the front, middle or rear of an e-bike.

The wattage of the unit determines the power of the engine.


Electric bike motors need electricity to turn into motion. Batteries store and provide the energy source for an electric bicycle.

When you pedal, the battery converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy then powers the motor to convert the mechanical energy back into motion.


The LCD screen displays information about your ride, like speed, distance, time and other useful metrics. You can also adjust settings such as suspension, gears, and other ride options.

Speed Sensor

It is the electric component in your bicycle that detects the forward pedal rotation to determine the e-bike\’s speed. It reads the behaviour and translates it to the controller.

Process Of Removing Electric Bike Speed Limiter

There is more than one way to delimit your e-bike.

You can manually delimit your e-bikes if you choose to.

Some tools allow you to delimit your e-bike quickly and easily as well.

Manually Delimiting An E-Bike

This method will only work if your e-bike permits it. 

Manually delimiting, also known as the handy method, works by basically transferring the magnets, so the sensor reads it differently.

As mentioned above, when the sensor detects that you\’ve reached the speed limit, it prevents the engine from getting more power, basically shutting it down. 

To override this, you can modify the data that the sensor detects. 

Simple Steps:

  • First, identify and locate your e-bike\’s magnet and the sensor. The magnet is usually located at the rear wheel while the sensor is on the frame base.
  • Then, you need to remove the magnet.
  • Identify and locate the pedal bracket of your electric bike.
  • Attach the magnet to the pedal bracket.
  • Turn the sensor until it faces the magnet.
  • Done!

By doing this, the sensor will receive very low signals, and that won\’t trigger the speed limiting process. 

Using Special E-Bike Tool Kits To Delimit An E-Bike

Delimiting tool kits are devices that work in the same principle as the manual delimiting option.

Some e-bike tool kits for delimiting are reversible, meaning you can easily turn your e-bike\’s limit back to its default.

There are two types of e-bike kits; those that require disassembly of the e-bike\’s circuit and those that don\’t.

Both types are effective at changing the speed data.

The specific instruction for the instalment and usage will differ per type and manufacturer, so it\’s best to refer to the tool kit manual you have.  

Dangers And Risks Of Removing The Speed Limiter From An E-bike

Limits are placed on e-bikes for a reason. The limits are there to promote the driver\’s safety as well as the people and property surrounding it. 

They are used in cities, so there\’s always a risk of traffic accidents that may even involve pedestrians. 

Removing the current speed limit on the e-bike doesn\’t make the other parts of the bike adjust to the new speed. For example, the bike\’s brakes are modified to handle the speed within the default speed limit of the e-bike. The brake may not be able to catch up with the new and faster speed, which is a major issue. 

The faster the bike moves, the higher the risk of damage and injury. For instance, an e-bike moving at 30 miles per hour will cause 4 times more damage than an e-bike moving at 15 miles per hour. And the higher your speed goes, the higher the risks increase exponentially. 

Let\’s include being in trouble with the authorities at the risk of delimiting your e-bike. As mentioned, certain countries placed a legal speed limit on e-bikes when used on public roads. Going over that legalized speed limit will be breaking the law. 

Laws And Regulations For Riding E-Bike In The UK

  • The bike must have a maximum power of 250 Wh
  • It must be pedal-assist only
  • A throttle is only allowed for speeds up to a walking pace
  • The motor must stop assisting when the speed reaches 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
  • You can pedal your bike as quickly as you like under your power
  • Helmets are recommended but not mandatory
  • You can ride them anywhere where a non-assisted bicycle would be allowed
  • You must be at least 14 years old to use one

Final Words

With great knowledge of delimiting your e-bike speed limit comes great responsibility.

Always keep in mind that driving an electric bike over speeding can be risky.

Make sure to follow local rules and drive responsibly. 

And, of course, enjoy!

See you in another article!

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