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Can I Leave My Ebike Battery On Charge Overnight? Should I?

Is It Bad To Charge Your Electric Bike Battery Overnight?

Generally, it\’s okay to leave your e-bike battery charging overnight. 

But, there\’s always a but. 

It depends on your battery.

Depending on the capacity and the type, e-bike batteries can take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours to charge fully.

But did you know that you can charge an e-bike battery for 12 hours? Actually, you\’re supposed to! Although, this is only true if you\’re charging your battery for the first time.  

So, can you do this 12-hour or overnight charge on your used battery? Let\’s find out!

Can I Leave My Ebike On Charge Overnight?

Yes and no. 

If you have newer e-bike batteries, it\’s fine to leave them charging overnight as long as your battery and its charger are in good condition. But don\’t do it regularly. It can still cause some damage. 

Newer batteries from premium brands have a Battery Management Systems function which prevents the batteries from overcharging.

However, this is not the case for older batteries. Old batteries have more chances of battery overcharge, so they should not be charged overnight. 

Can I Overcharge An E-Bike Battery?

Unfortunately, yes – e-bike batteries can be overcharged. 

If your e-bike has a lithium-ion battery, it is prone to overcharging, especially when left overnight. 

If you have a more modern battery and charger, they\’re slightly safer for overcharging and overheating.

How Can Overcharging Affect My EBike\’s Battery?

If overcharged, a battery can overheat. And overheated batteries can even burst into flames!

Aside from being dangerous, overcharging can damage your battery beyond repair. 

As mentioned above, this is riskier for older batteries. 

If your e-bike has them, you won\’t even have to worry about battery life; you have to worry about fire. 

Even if your e-bike has modern batteries, overcharging them regularly will eventually cause damage. 

So, check what type of battery you have before charging it overnight. Better yet, just keep an eye on it while charging. 

How To Extend EBike Battery Life

Fully Charge The Battery Before Its First Ride

A new e-bike battery needs to be fully charged before its first ride. It has to be charged for up to 12 hours.

This is done for a new battery to ensure that all the battery cells receive electric current flow. This is help take the battery out of its hibernation and condition the battery for use. 

Charge Your Electric Bike\’s Battery On a Clean, Flat Surface

Aside from charging it in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme weather, charging your e-bike battery on a flat and level surface is a good practice. 

Do not place it on anything that could damage it. 

This will keep your battery safe even if you\’re not constantly watching it while it\’s charging. 

Use The Right Charger

To maximize the life of your battery, use the right charger model for your battery.

E-bike chargers are not the same. You can\’t use them as universal chargers. 

E-bikes have different batteries that require specific compatible chargers. The recommended charger for your e-bike battery contains the same amps and voltage that the battery requires. 

Depending on the e-bike, the battery will have different sizes, capacities, and even chemical compositions. The manufacturers consider those and make e-bike chargers specifically for the type of battery. 

Even if you get another charger to work on your battery, it can damage it and lessen the battery life.

Charge Fully Only Before Long Rides

It may seem like keeping a battery charge of 100% is a good idea so you can have a reliable battery that\’s always ready to go, but it\’s not. 

Charging your e-bike battery to 100% every time and keeping it in that condition for a while isn\’t ideal. This goes for both newer and older types of e-bike batteries. 

E-bike manufacturers suggest keeping your e-bike battery charged anywhere between 20% to 85% to maintain good condition and prolong its life.

That\’s why you should only charge your batteries to 100% when you actually need them to be 100%, such as when you\’re going for a long ride. 

Turn The Battery And Motor Off

You should always turn off the power when you charge your electric bicycle. 

It will help you save time by enabling quicker charging. It will also preserve the life of your battery. 

If you have a removable battery, remove it from the vehicle when charging. 

If your battery is built in, just make sure to turn the power off on the vehicle before charging. 

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

E-bikes work and recharge the best at moderate temperatures, so you must keep them away from temperature extremes. 

If you leave your e-bike in an extreme environment, it will degrade your battery over time.

You\’ll also shorten its lifespan if you put it in a place that gets very cold or very hot.

Ideally, the temperature when charging the battery should be around 50°F to 70°F.

Don\’t Overcharge Your E-Bike Battery

As mentioned before, overcharging can be dangerous. 

Overcharging your e-bike battery once might be fine, but doing it repeatedly will surely cause significant battery performance issues – even if you have a modern battery.

Never Store An Empty Battery

If you are going to store your electric bike, you need to recharge the battery.

Batteries need to have some charge even when not in use. 

You should charge your e-bike batteries above 30% before storing them to avoid a dead battery. 40% to 60% charge will do.  

Charge Your Ebike Battery Punctually

Never let your battery discharge 0%. You must always keep them charged at least 30% to 70%.

A good rule of thumb is to plug them into your charger as soon as you see the charge going near 30%. 

Avoid using your e-bike when it\’s below 30% to prevent further loss of charge and any possible lifespan and performance issues in the future. 

Final Words

Batteries are the life of your e-bike. Without them, you won\’t be able to enjoy the benefits of your vehicle. 

Batteries are also generally the most expensive part of an e-bike, and replacing them will put a dent in your savings. 

That\’s why you need to take good care of it.

Just follow the tip above, and we\’re sure you\’ll have a long-lasting battery lifespan. 

See you in another article!

Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by Evan

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