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How To Reset A Word Lock Bike Lock? Find Out Here!

How Do You Reset A Word lock Bicycle Lock?

Bike locks are one of the most important accessories you should have in your bike kit. It is a reliable device, especially when you frequently leave your bicycle in public areas. You can just simply find a secure place, put on the bike lock, and leave your bike for hours.

Plenty of manufacturers come up with different types of bike locks to offer in the market. One of the most preferred kinds is a wordlock bike lock. By using this type of bike lock won’t be needing a bike key, which is easily forgotten or lost.

There are several methods to reset bike locks with letters. You can reset it using the default combination method, custom set combination method, flip switch method, and twist mechanism method.

Let’s discuss the wordlock bike lock reset methods in detail:

Make Use Of The Default Combination

You’ll probably never forget your password for a bicycle lock, but if you ever do, you can easily reset it using the default passcode combination. Simply enter the default combo, and you’ll be able to access your locked bike without any trouble.

However, if the default combo didn’t work, you can try the four-word combinations: loop, tree, fast, and bike. These words will help you unlock the lock without needing an instrument.

If none of those methods worked, the next step is you may need to call the manufacturer directly. However, keep in mind that most manufacturers won’t give out the default combo unless you purchased the product online. So, if you bought the lock at a store, you should ask the salesperson for the default combo.

Custom Set Combination Method

There are times that even when we know the correct bike lock combination, our bike lock simply won’t open! In this case, your bike lock might have an internal problem. Using the custom set combo method, you can easily reset your lock using the same combination you used before.

After which, apply a few small notches to unlock the device. Make sure that you’re triggering the lock to open, and be patient while you put in your original combination. Wait for the lock to open.

Flip Switch Mechanism

This bicycle lock uses a flip-switch mechanism to unlock the bike lock. Flip switches are used to control electrical devices, such as light bulbs, door locks, etc. They are usually located near the device being controlled.

You’ll notice that there is a small lever attached to the bike lock. Pull down on this lever to open the lock. After opening the lock, you can now change the code on the lock.

To reset the code, you must first locate the flip switch. There will be a marking ridge on the side of the lock where the flip switch is located. Pull the switch down until you hear a clicking sound. Now, you can enter a new code on the lock.

Twist Mechanism

The lock mechanism used here is the twist method. Instead of a combination lock. Twist mechanisms are very simple locks that require no numbers or special keys. Instead, they rely on a small dial that must be turned to open the lock.

You’ll need to find the spin button on the lock. There should be two arrows pointing toward the center of the wheel. Rotate the dial clockwise until you reach the point where the arrow stops moving. Once there, you can enter the number you’d like to use as your password.

After you’ve entered the correct number, simply rotate the dial counterclockwise to unlock the lock.

This technique works well if you don’t want to memorize a long series of numbers. However, it does mean that anyone who finds your bike will be able to access it without needing to know your password. So, keep this in mind before leaving your bike unattended.

What Is The Need To Reset A Wordlock Bike Lock?

Wordlocks are great locks for bikes. However, if you leave the default password unchanged, anyone can simply open the lock without any difficulty. That’s why it’s important to reset the lock with letters every once in a while.

Resetting the code helps you memorize the combination you should use when unlocking the lock. If you pick it out yourself, you can instantly recognize the codes you should use when opening it.

If you fail to update the code, you may forget the code or the thief can easily steal your bike using the default code.

How To Secure Your Bike With A Word Lock?

Wordlocks are a great option for securing your bicycle, especially if you live in a city where thieves tend to target bikes. However, there are still risks involved with using a Wordlock.

Cable locks offer a very minimal security level and can be easily removed with a pair of wire cutters. If you want to use your Wordlock without putting your bicycle at risk, why not attach it to your wheel instead?

This way, anyone trying to steal your bike will have to break through two layers of protection rather than just one.

Remember, when you cycle, carry a lock with you. No matter how strong your lock is, any lock is better than no locking mechanism whatsoever.

How Safe Is a Word lock Bike Lock?

A word lock bike lock is a great option if you live in a medium-risk area. These locks come with a cable shackle, which means that thieves can break the shackle using a heavy-duty cutter.

However, there are no sold secure ratings available for these locks, meaning that they are the safest locks enough for most situations.

Wordlocks are typically used in medium-risk areas where theft is common. They are also commonly found at public parks, beaches, and trails. If you notice, a Wordlock comes equipped with a cable shackle. This makes it easier for thieves to steal your bicycle.

To prevent theft, you should keep your bicycle locked up in a secure location. If you leave your bicycle unattended outside, consider using a word lock instead of leaving it unlocked.


You’ll find that resetting a Wordlock bicycle lock isn’t difficult at all. 

Wordlocks are great locks for protecting bikes against theft. But if you have set a very strong password for your lock, then thieves won’t be able to break into your bike. So, if you’re worried about being robbed, then you should consider buying a Wordlock bike lock.

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