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How Long Does It Take To Charge Ebike Batteries? Find Out Here!

Most electric bikes will come with either lithium-ion batteries which are lightweight and similar to the ones that we have in our phones or lead-acid batteries which are similar to what we use in our car.

Lithium-ion batteries are more popular in e-bikes not only due to their lightweight but also because of there fast charging time and long life-span which is said to last for over 1000 cycles. These batteries on average can cost £250 and above depending on the capacity you need for your bike.

How Long Should I Charge My E-Bike Battery For?

On average, depending on the model of the electric bike battery you buy, most can be charged within 2-6 hours, however, you should avoid charging lithium-ion batteries till they are full and never let them drain fully too.

This is because lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to stress, by keeping the 80/20 rule, this means never letting them charge over 80 per cent and get under 20 per cent, keeping them charged in the ideal range and extending the lifespan of your e-bike\’s battery.

You should also keep your e-bike\’s battery charged regularly rather than give it one big charge every once in a while.

Can I Use a Spare E-Bike Battery?

If you find the charging time too long for the battery of your electric bike, you are probably wondering whether or not you can use a spare in the meantime to keep you going.

You can use a spare battery in your e-bike as backup and to travel for longer ranges, however, you should ensure you can carry this extra weight on your bike, strapping it to the rear rack may be an option. You could also consider buying a whole new battery with a large capacity, but this would also take longer to charge.

How Far Can I Ride With A Full Charged E-Bike Battery?

The distance the battery of your electric bike will take you depends on its capacity and some other factors such as your weight and the terrain your riding on (for example routes with lots of inclines will drain your battery faster).

Most average cheap e-bikes for commuting purposes can go for around 30-40 miles before they need a recharge, mountain bikes on the other hand could potentially go up to 70 miles on average.

To work out exactly how long the battery of your electric bike will last you, use an average estimate of the battery voltage times its amp hours, which will give you the watt-hours of the battery.

Once you have the watt-hours of your battery, you can then divide this by your average watts per mile so as you can see how many miles your battery will last you, always factor in external factors too, it is best to underestimate than overestimate.

Should I Use a Quick Charger With My Electric Bikes Battery?

Some quick chargers on the market can be used to charge your e-bike battery quicker than a regular charger, these charges will use a much higher current to minimise the time.

Unfortunately, there are negative consequences to these chargers because they will overheat the cells in your battery, this will reduce the overall lifespan of your battery in time.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your E-Bikes Battery

Now you know you should only be charging your battery to 80% capacity, there are a couple of other key maintenance and charging tips you should know to prolong the lifespan of your battery and keep it charging/functioning efficiently.

We have listed our essential e-bike battery care tips below.

  • Don\’t overcharge your battery – Set a timer on your phone and never leave the battery of your electric bike on charge for too long, doing so can cause some damage over time.
  • Charge it for 12 hours, to begin with – If your battery is brand new out of the box then you will need to charge it for 12 hours till it reaches a full capacity, this will help the cells of the battery retain memory and have full charging cycles for the next time.
  • Never store it discharged – You should avoid letting the battery of your electric bike go completely flat then storing it, doing so could cause the battery to not work when you next re-charge it.
  • Regularly charge it – It\’s better to charge your battery and keep it topped up regularly than only now and then.
  • Consider the temperature – Never store your battery at very hot temperatures or too cold temperatures, doing so can mess with the chemistry of the cells inside.
  • Lay off the throttle and reduce inclines – Using the throttle often takes a lot of power from the battery, and so does going up inclines, overtime the harder you make your battery work, the more it will need to be charged, thus reducing its lifespan.
  • Clean it when needed – If any corrosion builds up around your battery just wipe it down with a cloth, ensure that your battery never gets wet or damp from humidity too.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Long To Charge An E-Bikes Battery For

What is the life span of an e-bike battery? 

This depends on how you use your battery and some other external factors, but the average lifespan should be anything from 3-5 years.

Are there any good brands of batteries for e-bikes? 

Some reliable brands for e-bike batteries are Samsung and Bosch.

Is it possible to overcharge an e-bike\’s battery?

It may be possible to overcharge an e-bike battery but it\’s very unlikely as most smart modern batteries will have a cut off system that stops them from charging over a certain point.

Letting your bikes battery charge to the maximum every time, however, is not recommended for its health.

Last Words

To conclude, the amount of time it takes to charge your battery will depend on its capacity and charger, on average an e-bike battery will take 2-6 hours to charge, and you should never let the levels of your battery deplete below 20% or charge above 80% to keep it in the best condition.

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