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How To Lock A Bike To A Car Bike Rack? Find Out Here!

When you are traveling, you should always make sure your bike is safe during the entire journey. You might know there are many ways to keep your bike safe while traveling, but sometimes, you just want to take off without worrying about anything.

There are numerous methods for attaching bikes to car racks, and some people prefer one method over another. Straps and U-chain locks can be used to safely secure your bike to a car rack.

Reasons To Always Lock Your Bicycle

The most important thing about locking up your bicycle is to make sure it’s locked in a way that makes sense for you and your situation. If you’re worried about bike theft, there are a few different options for locking your bike up. A typical bike lock is designed to prevent somebody from taking your bike away while you’re riding it.

This type of lock usually consists of a cable lock that goes around your frame or wheel and a padlock. There are also bike locks that use a keypad to open the lock. These types of locks are often found on mountain bikes and road bikes because they’re easier to carry into places where you don’t want to carry a key.

In addition to preventing thieves from stealing your bike, a good lock can keep your bike secure even if you forget to bring it inside when you park somewhere.

If you do decide to buy one, make sure you know how to use it properly. Most people assume that if they put a chain over the front wheel, it’ll work just fine. But chains aren’t designed to hold up against force. They’re meant to stop things like cars from running over your bike.

If you’re concerned about theft, though, a chain won’t protect your bike very well. Instead, look for a lock that uses a combination system. Some locks come with a number pad that lets you choose a specific code. Others require you to enter a four-digit PIN.

Either way, you’ll need to remember both the code and the password. Make sure you write down those numbers somewhere safe. And if you ever lose track of them, buying another lock isn’t likely to help.

Another best option for locking your bike is to use a “trunk bike rack.” These devices are attached to the back end of your vehicle and allow you to hang your bike from the rear bumper.

Trunk bike racks are easy to install and use, and they’re great for keeping your bike safely stored in your garage or driveway. However, they’re not much use once you’re already outside. If you’re worried that somebody will see your bike parked next to your car and think it’s free, consider parking it indoors. Or better yet, park it under a cover.

What Kinds Of Bike Car Racks Are Available For Use?

Rooftop Bike Racks

Rooftop bike racks may be your best option if you don’t like the trailer hitch. Mounting your bike on top of your car will increase security and, of course, provide access to the back door of your car. Additionally, some roof racks allow you to leave the wheels on while still securing the bikes, while others require you to take them off.

The drawback of this style of rack is that mounting and removing the bike from the roof will need considerable lifting. Additionally, you will need a garage with suitable ceiling height to allow for easy parking.

Trunk Bike Racks

This kind of bike rack offers a safety system that employs straps to safeguard your bike and may be put in the trunk. It is arguably one of the most economical bike racks and doesn’t need a hitch system or a trunk. Depending on the model, the trunk racks may hold up to three bikes.

Hitch Bike Racks

This kind of rack may be fixed to a car’s trailer hitch. It also includes one of the most widely used racks and is simple to install. In comparison to other bike racks, hitch bike racks make it simpler for the cyclist to mount and remove the bike.

But, hitch bike racks can increase the length of your vehicle, so you must drive more slowly or carefully while backing up or making other maneuvers. Although there are types that may be slanted down or pulled away from the automobile, this may restrict your access to the back entry.

Things Required To Secure Your Bike

Now that we have discussed some of the best car bike racks, let’s discuss some of the important things needed to secure your bike:


There are many ways to secure bikes to car racks, and some people prefer one method over another. One of the most popular methods is called “the strap.” This involves tying the ends of a piece of rope or cord onto either side of the bike frame.

Then, you simply tie the other ends of the rope or cord to something like a car rack. In theory, it sounds simple enough. However, there are a few things you should know about how to properly secure your bike to a car rack.

First off, it’s important to note that you don’t want to use the same type of rope or cord used to tie down your bike. You’ll want to use a thicker rope or cord that won’t break under normal conditions. A nylon rope or cord is ideal because it doesn’t stretch out too much and isn’t likely to snap.

If you’re concerned about breaking the ropes or cords, consider getting a pair of pliers. You can use those tools to pull apart the rope or cord without damaging it.

U-Locks or Chain Locks:

You need one of these if you intend to lock your bike to your vehicle rack. Straps are not as secure for your bicycle as cable and chain locks. U-Locks can be used in frames and bike racks. Nevertheless, employing a U-lock is the safest method. U-locks are incredibly difficult to cut, making them an effective barrier for bike thieves.

Here Are Some Of The Best Methods To Lock Your Bike To A Car Rack

The Passive Strap Method

This is probably among the least expensive methods for locking or securing your bike in your vehicle. It makes use of a strap that resembles an extended cable with a spherical puck at one end. To accomplish this, create a loop that will be used to tie and secure the bike’s frame. After that, the metal loop will be pulled until the bike is completely immobile.

It is advised to utilize the strap method to secure your bike if you want it to be more secure, especially when it is mounted on a roof rack. You’ll feel more at ease if you use this technique, particularly if the bike owner has left it unattended.

Tow Hitch Method

Because an external tow hitch rack is required to secure the bike, this method is a little more difficult and costly in terms of the labor and materials required. Nevertheless, you do have the choice to wrap the cable under your car’s bumper, cover, or other non-removable components.

Then lock your bike with a tow loop while encircling it with a sturdy cord. When using the two-hitch approach, a strong cord will be attached to the hitch on your car and locked with a padlock.


Before you lock your beloved bike to a car bike rack, think about the extra security level of your bike lock: Think about what kind of lock you are using, and how it could potentially be broken. Are you locking up an expensive road bike or mountain bike? Do you have a strong U-lock or cable? Are there any points on your frame that aren’t securely locked? Your bike’s chances of getting stolen diminish if you are observant and make your security measures.

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