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Why Don’t The Dutch Wear Helmets?

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Why Dutch Riders Don’t Wear Helmets

The reason that cyclists don’t wear helmets isn’t that they think it’s unsafe. Instead, it’s because they feel that they don’t need to wear a helmet. As you can imagine, this makes sense since they live in a country where biking is commonplace.

The Netherlands is a very bike-friendly place. However, if you visit Amsterdam today, you’ll notice that everyone rides a bicycle here. There are plenty of places where you can ride a bike, including parks, streets, and even the water.

Helmets are only necessary when riding in dangerous conditions, such as when driving at high speeds or when riding down steep hills. Since the Netherlands doesn’t have those types of roads, they don’t require riders to wear helmets.

Even though the Netherlands is a great place to cycle, it’s still important to wear a helmet when riding a bike. You should always wear a helmet when riding in any condition, regardless of whether or not you live in a bike-friendly country. Here are some of the main reasons why don’t the Dutch wear helmets:

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Road Users Pay Greater Attention To Bicycles

Most cyclists in the world wear helmets, but the majority of the Dutch don’t. Why? Because they believe that wearing a helmet makes them look silly.

According to the SWOV, traveling by bike is less safe overall than traveling by car. However, travel by bike is considered safer for children under 12 years old and adults over 65 years old. Traveling by bike is also considered safer than traveling by moped or motorcycle.

While the Dutch don’t wear protective headgear while riding bikes, they do pay greater attention to bicyclists. They slow down for them, give them space, and watch out for them. As a result, there are fewer bike accidents involving bicycles in the Netherlands than there are in other states.

No One Walks With A Helmet On.

Head injuries aren’t as likely to happen when riding a bike. And, if they do occur, they are less likely to cause serious injury. So, while they say there isn’t any reason to wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle, I strongly disagree – your head will thank you if you had a helmet on during a collision!

A good helmet will last you for a number of years if you look after it well.

However, head injuries are still pretty common when you walk, run or drive a car. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States are caused by falling down. While wearing a helmet might reduce the risk of getting injured during a fall, it doesn’t prevent it.

So, if you’re planning on walking, running, or driving somewhere, you should definitely wear a helmet. But, if you’re not planning on doing any of those activities, you probably won’t need one.

Helmets Sometimes Don’t Work

There are times when wearing a bicycle helmet doesn’t work. You might think that a helmet protects you from head injuries, but that isn’t necessarily true. There are situations where a helmet won’t save your life.

For instance, if you are riding your bike down a steep hill and you fall off your electric bike, a helmet won’t prevent you from getting injured. Instead, it will only protect your head from injury.

A helmet will also not protect you from being hit by cars. Even though a helmet will keep your head safe from impact, it won’t stop you from getting hurt.

However, a helmet won’t save you from certain types of injuries. For instance, if a car hits you, a helmet won’t help you avoid broken bones.

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The Dutch Start Them Off Early

One reason is that they believe that starting early helps children develop a sense of responsibility and teaches them to respect others on the road. Another reason is that they want to prepare their children for life outside of the country.

Bike helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands. However, if a child wants to ride a bicycle, he or she must wear a helmet. Children under 12 years old must wear a helmet that fits properly. Older children should wear a helmet that meets the standards set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Less Regulation Equals More Cycling

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. However, there are still many cyclists who don’t wear helmets. Why? Because the government doesn’t require them to wear helmets.

There are two main reasons why the Dutch don’t wear helmets. First, they believe that less regulation equals more cycling. Second, they think that wearing a helmet makes them look silly.

Are Helmets Required For Cyclists In Amsterdam?

Helmets are not mandatory for cyclists in Amsterdam. There are no laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets, nor any fines if they fail to do so. You may find yourself riding through Amsterdam without seeing a single cyclist wearing a helmet. And that’s perfectly fine!

While helmets certainly provide protection against head injuries, they are not 100% effective at preventing all types of injury. Some studies suggest that they reduce the risk of head injury by up to 50%, while others show that they reduce the risk by 80%. So, while helmets are definitely safer than not wearing one, they are not completely foolproof.

Are Helmets Required For Cyclists In The Netherlands?

Helmets are required for cyclists in the Netherlands’ bike culture. However, only about 5% of cyclists actually wear helmets. Most of those who ride without a helmet are engaged in more dangerous activities, such as mountain biking or riding at night.

The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation has attributed this to the fact most riders who do wear a helmet are engaged in less dangerous activities, such as commuting or leisurely rides during daylight hours. They also think that it can disturb the vision of cyclists.

Despite the fact that a relatively large percentage of cyclists in the Netherlands wear helmets, there hasn’t been enough research done to determine whether helmets reduce injuries among cyclists. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the 95% who don’t wear helmets will ever start wearing them.

Why Are There So Many Bikes In The Netherlands Especially In Amsterdam?

As mentioned above, the Dutch have a long history of riding bicycles. In recent years, the Dutch performed an average of 5 billion trips by bicycle. They have a large network of cycle routes. However, they didn’t start out wearing helmets. Instead, they started wearing hats. Then, in the 1960s, they decided to wear helmets instead.

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