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Best Bike D Lock – Reviewing the Most Secure In 2022 – 2023

Best D Bike Lock

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Having a D lock (or U shaped lock) for your bike is one of the best ways to ensure you have a peace of mind when leaving your bike alone. D locks are know in the lock industry for their compact size and high security level, offering the best protection for your bicycle.

The design of a D lock features a solid metal shackle which can fit securely round your bikes frame and be attached to an object.

There are lots of different D locks on the market, from old reputable brands to sold secure gold rated locks, so we have listed out some of the best bike locks below to get you started.

Our Favourite! – The Kryptonite New York LS Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike

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Here is the well-known Kryptonite New York heavy duty D/U bike locking system. This model has a hardened steel 16 mm shackle with disc style cylinders within, preventing common picking and drill methods used by thieves.

This highly rated Kryptonite New York model comes with a deadbolt design for maximum holding power and a hardened steel sleeve over its crossbar for better security and prevention against twist style attacks. It also comes with a protective vinyl coating to prevent scratches on your bicycle.

This bike locking system comes with three sets of keys (one with an LED light) and has sliding dust cover to prevent its locking mechanism getting dirt inside. This lock has a weight of 2 kg and a sold secure gold rating for high reliability.

Overall this Kryptonite locking system is a strong competitor against the Abus Granit extreme, not only does it have an affordable price but it also has a lighter weight for easier transportation due to its flex u-design. This bike lock is also great due to its steel sleeve and deadbolt design.

Downfalls of this D lock would just have to be its heavy weight and lack of a mounting bracket, but if these features don\’t bother you, you can seriously get your moneys worth with this bike lock.


  • Hardened steel 16 mm.
  • Highly rated.
  • Sold secure gold rating.
  • Dust cover.
  • Three sets of keys.
  • Easy transport.
  • Steel sleeve for cross bar.
  • Vinyl coating.


  • Heavy.
  • Lack of mounting bracket.

Abus Granit Extreme 59 U Lock 310x111x16mm – Number Two

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Abus Granit locks are known for their extreme designs and high security. This D/U lock may be expensive but offers a 3 kg compact weight and has no moving parts.

This U/D lock is primarily meant for motorcycles but would be suited to bicycles in high risk areas, its 16 mm hard steel shackle will deter and slow down thieves meaning it may earn your more time, it also has a rubber coating on the inside to prevent scratching your bike.

The Abus Granit bike lock comes with two keys and also has a key cover to prevent against dirt within the lock mechanism. This design also comes with granit X Plus cylinder for top protection against picking. This strong steel lock measures 310 x 111 x 16 mm.

Overall, this Granit x plus extreme bike lock is definitely one the best D locks out there for security. Its tough design and steel material will ensure thieves have a hard time if your bicycle is targeted. It also has a recognised sold secure gold rating which insurance companies will recognise.

Downfalls of this bike lock has to be its higher price and lack of width which is good for security but will limit what objects you can lock your bicycle to, it is also heavy so you will need to carry it in a rucksack or on a bracket.


  • Hard steel material.
  • Sold secure gold rating.
  • Prevents picking theft.
  • Anti-scratch.
  • Comes with two keys.
  • Lock cover for dust protection.
  • Double locking mechanism.
  • Granit X plus cylinder.


  • Slightly heavy.
  • Could not be shackled with wide objects.
  • Very expensive.

Hiplok DX Wearable D/U Lock – Number Three

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Next up is the Hiplox wearable D lock. This locking system is one of the more affordable high security bike locks on our list. It comes with a 14 mm hard steel shackle and has a sold secure gold rating.

This bike lock has a cylinder to prevent picking, along with its double locking anti-rotation system which keeps your lock secure. The width of this steel shackle is 85 mm meaning it can fit around common street objects with ease, its total measurements come in at 14 mm x 15 x 85 cm.

The best feature of this D bike lock has to be its integrated clip and ride system, this locks design enables you to easily clip the lock onto your belt around your waist or bag strap, making it very convenient for commutes with no bracket needed!

Extra features of this Hiplox D lock are; three coded keys which when registered can be replaced by Hiplox and a rubberised coating for frame protection on your bicycle, all weighing only 1.2 kg.

Overall, this Hiplox DX wearable bike lock is a great option if you are on a budget and are looking for a high security D lock that you can commute with. This bike lock not only has a gold sold secure rating but can be shackled to a variety of wider objects than other locks on our list, all for a very affordable price.

However, negatives of this D lock has to be its shorter size which may limit what you can secure your bike to, for example, you wouldn\’t be able to shackle to your bicycles frame, wheel and then to a rack. It could also be a little heavy when worn for long periods.


  • Strong steel.
  • Cylinder and double locking anti-rotation system.
  • Integrated clip and ride system.
  • Keys are replaceable when registered.
  • Affordable.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Gold secure rating.
  • Can be shackled to a variety of street objects.


  • Shorter size may mean you can\’t use it on larger bikes.
  • Could be a little heavy when worn.

Kryptonite Evolution Series-4 LS Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (4-Inch x 11.5-Inch) – Number Four

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This Kryptonite evolution series 4 D bike lock boasts a 14mm strong steel shackle and has a patent deadbolt design to give your bike full protection against twist attacks.

This best bike lock has a new and improved smaller cross bar design and disc style cylinders to ensure the lock is pick and drill resistant. The lock is also very transport friendly with a weight of 1.7 kg and comes with an easy flex frame bracket.

Extra features of this bike locks package are; three sets of keys (including one with an LED light), protective vinyl coating to prevent scratching on your bicycles frame and a sliding dust cover to protect the lock mechanism.

This D lock also has a sold secure gold certification making it great for insurance and overall security.

Therefore, this Kryptonite model is a great option if you are on a budget and need a heavy duty D lock for your bike. It also comes with a bracket for easy transportation and isn\’t too heavy in comparison with other best bike locks on our list.

Downfalls of this D/U lock has to be its lack of length/width which again may limit how well you can use it on a bigger bike frame.


  • Strong design.
  • Small cross bar.
  • Pick and drill resistant.
  • Transport friendly with bracket included.
  • Three sets of keys.
  • Dust cover.
  • Sold secure gold.
  • Vinyl coating.
  • Very affordable!


  • Lack of width which means it can\’t be used on bikes with big frames.
  • Less versatile than other bike locks.

AmazonBasics D-Lock Bike Lock, with 4 Foot Flex Cable – Number Six

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Last on our list is Amazon basics very own D lock, this best bike lock is different from other models on our list due to its 4 foot flex cable which allows your lock to have extended use/reach and offers a second layer of protection for your bike. The shackle itself comes in at 15-18 mm (18 mm is higher in price) and is made of durable steel.

Design wise this lock has a PVC cover and centre cover made of ABS, it also comes with three keys (one with an LED light). It can be connected to railings or even around another bike.

This best bike lock also comes with a bracket made out of aluminium with the flexible cable itself being made from steel.

Overall, this Amazon Basic flex cable D lock is great for adventure cyclists or commuters with bikes who need that extra length to secure their bike when moving around different areas.

On the other hand, this model may lack quality when compared to other D locks on our list, not only is the lock itself not as strong as other best bike locks, the bracket has also been said to not fit the lock. This bike lock also lacks a sold secure rating.


  • Flexible cable.
  • 18-15 mm sizes of D lock.
  • PVC cover.
  • Comes with a aluminium bracket.
  • Made of durable steel.


  • Not as durable and strong as other best bike locks on our list.
  • Bracket doesn\’t fit the lock.
  • No sold secure rating.

What Is The Best D Bike Lock?

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Overall, the best D bike lock to use on our list has to be the Kryptonite New York heavy duty D/U model, this bicycle lock comes at a mid-price and offers high quality security features needed within a D lock such as its 16 mm shackle and deadbolt design.

This lock may be on the heavier side but is also designed for easy transport and has a sold secure gold certification, with all these features combined we think this Kryptonite NY model is the best bike locking system for securing your bicycle due to its high reliability and strong design.

In second place is the more expensive but equally high quality Abus Granit Extreme 59 locking system, this bike lock has it all in terms of security level and design, however we placed it lower down as we feel its weight limits how easy this lock is to transport, its expensive price is also quite out of budget for most people.

Third on our list is the portable Hiplok DX Wearable model, this locking system is so good price wise and very portable, making it ideal for commuters. This model lands third place mainly due to its smaller size than the two locks above, meaning you may struggle to lock up larger bike frames.

Next up is the Kryptonite evolution series 4 D, this is one of the best bike locks with its affordable price, strong features and included bracket, we placed it lower on our list due its smaller size which can be a struggle to use with big bike frames.

Last but definitely not least is the AmazonBasics D-Lock with a 4 Foot Flex Cable, this model is truly great in terms of its well thought out design to include a flexible cable, meaning you can lock your bike to a variety of different objects with ease, however we felt this model just lacked in terms of strength and doesn\’t have any sold secure rating decreasing its total reliability.

To conclude, the top D lock to use for securing your bicycle has to be the Kryptonite New York model due to its high quality build and security features. All these D locks can be found on Amazon with prices and reviews.

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