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Top 5 Off Road All Terrain Scooters – Reviews 2022 – 2023

Top 5 Off-Road All-Terrain Scooters

Off-road scooters are quite different from conventional scooters and commuter scooters. Most of them are bulkier and have much bigger tires. 

Such scooters are specifically made for people looking for that adrenaline-filled experience. With scooters somewhat difficult to ride in tough terrain, it is important to find one that fits your needs and has additional safety features added to it.

What to look for when choosing an off-road scooter

Size of the scooter 

In most commuting scooters, you will find that most of the designs are relatively the same size. Some more extreme in size than others but still in the same weight class. 

However, in off road scooters, most of the time, these are much larger machines with bigger motors and basically bigger everything. There is a good reason for this. Have you seen cars that have been designed for off-road performance? 

You will notice that these vehicles are also much larger than the commuting cars. Traversing difficult terrain needs the vehicles to be heavy, sturdy, and the center of gravity well placed. 

The same goes for off-road scooters. As a result, most of these scooters are much bigger. With such a massive weight class, it is important to pick one that fits you well. Pick one that is too big for your frame, and navigating or controlling it won\’t be easy. Pick one that is too small for you could also be hazardous.

Type of tires

Since no law governs and controls scooters directly, companies can use whatever material they wish to use. However, tires are a massive feature for most off-road scooters.

You need to choose one that has tires that fit the terrain you want to venture to. Many pneumatic tires need to have extra tough rubber as they may encounter sharp objects on the off-road terrain. If they are punctured at high speeds could cause an accident.

Other companies are choosing to use heavy rubber instead, as the risk of tire bursts is less. But the wear and tire in such cases are high, while the replacement parts are not readily available. 

As you can see, knowing which tires to choose is paramount for a great experience. 

Number of tires

Sticking to tires, it is also important to look at the number the scooter has. Off-Road scooter tires range from two to four wheels.

If you are a beginner, you may be inclined to pick scooters with 3 wheels or four. These types of scooters offer better control while giving better balance. 

For off-road scooter enthusiasts who have more experience and want to do tricks, there are great 2-wheel options that allow the rider to perform tricks and control their balance. 

Type of brakes

Like tires, brakes come with many options, including disk brakes, which are used for more heavy-duty vehicles. Off-Road scooters may not fall in this category, but due to the strain they get from such roads, it would be a good idea to have a scooter with disc brakes.

Drum and electric brakes are other options that you should consider. Again no braking system is bad; it depends on the terrain you want to use the Scooter in. 

As you can see, choosing an off-road scooter can be a bit challenging. That is why we have compiled a list of the best off-road scooters for you to choose from.

GUNAI Electric Scooter 3200W


One of the best off-road scooters has to be the GUNAI Electric Scooter 3200W. This powerful E-scooter can reach up to 85Km/h, which is an incredible speed for many small vehicles, let alone a scooter. 

This is a scooter built for the rough terrain, and from the design, you can see this clearly.

First of all, it comes fitted with a detachable seat. It is nice for such a powerful machine that they added a seat because this seat can help beginners learn how to offroad scoot with more ease. 

The seat provides more balance and gives you confidence until you can use the scooter without a seat. But you don\’t have to remove it at all. The deck is wide enough to accommodate both your feet and the seat. As a result, you can simply sit if you are tired, even if you are a professional off road scooter rider.

One thing that definitely stands out on this E-scooter is its massive shock absorbers. It is fitted with four small shock absorbers on each wheel. As a result, your scooter will not only be more balanced but also have more shock resistance anytime you hit a rough surface, which is quite often in off road terrain.

The seat is also fitted with springs and shock absorbers, giving you a better ride, whether you are standing up or sitting down. 

TheDeck is another impressive feature of this off-road scooter. First of all, it is quite wide, meaning you can fit both your feet on it. This is ideal, especially in rough terrain, because you may lose control if you touch the ground in such terrain.

The deck is also fitted with the scooter\’s batteries, which are placed evenly throughout the area. This not only adds weight to make it more stable but draws the center of gravity closer to the ground for more balance. 

The scooter is fitted with 24 60 V batteries, which gives the motor immense power to run for over 90 km without needing an additional charge. This is quite considerate because off-road rides generally need more powerful batteries to traverse the terrain. Coupled with motors adding up to 3200 watts, you can enjoy your ride with power and speed. 

As we have mentioned before, the wheels account for part of the balance and the ability to move across these off roads. Therefore the GUNAI Electric Scooter has wide 11 inch wheels that are fitted with big ridges for a better grip.

The wide wheels allow you to move across dirt roads with ease and navigate smoothly as well. What I like most about the tires, however, is that they are vacuum tires. With such terrains, the odds of you hitting something and getting a puncture is quite high. 

With vacuum tires, even if you puncture the wheels, you will not lose control easily because there is no air escaping from the wheel rapidly. This gives you better control even in the worst situations.

With two powerful motors of 1600 watts, each adding up to 3200 watts, it is no surprise then that this electric scooter can climb at a 45-degree angle. This feature comes quite handy in off-road situations making this one of the best off-road scooters.

The double 1600 watts motors work independently. What this means is that you can simply switch off one and use the other one. For beginners, this can be great as you can use one motor and learn to ride the scooter better while it is less powerful. And switch on both motors when you are fully acquainted with the scooter. 

It is fitted with three powerful headlamps in the front, two at the top, and one closer to the front wheel. Riding in off-road terrain can be difficult, especially without enough lighting at night. You can easily miss something and end up in an accident.

 The three headlamp design gives you a better field of view. The two top headlamps ensure that you see far and therefore predict better how you will navigate. While the headlamp closer to the front wheel ensures that you see your immediate environment better. 

To top all this off, the back wheel is fitted with a brake light. So even in a group setting, your friends will see that you are braking and move away or brake as well.

The folding mechanism ensures that this machine can be transported easily or stored. With such a wide deck, it is interesting how it folds neatly, allowing you to carry it easily. 


  • Powerful independent motors
  • A maximum speed of 85Km/h
  • Wide wheels to navigate rough terrain
  • Removable seat


  • A bit bulky
  • Maybe too powerful for newbies

GUNAI Electric Scooter 11 inch Off-Road 5600W

If you are looking for power and long battery life, then this may be the scooter for you. Fitted with two powerful 2800watts motors, this scooter has 5600 watts at its disposal.

It can also hit speeds of up to 85Km/h, making it one of the best off-road scooters in the market today. But perhaps even more impressive is that it can go for around 100 km to 110 km without needing to be charged.

This is a good feature to have, especially on off road scooters, because odds are you want to have fun for a couple of hours without interruption. 

With 11-inch vacuum tires, you can be sure that whatever terrain you choose to ride with the scooter, you will have a smoother ride. The tires are heavily threaded, meaning you can move across the road with minimum fuss.

The vacuum tires are burst-resistant as well. In case you hit a sharp object while using the scooter, the odds of the tire exploding are minimum, giving you a safer ride. 

Another interesting feature of this scooter is the kind of shock absorbers that are used. Each wheel is fitted with one big shock absorber. At the same time, many off-road scooters prefer to use smaller shock absorbers. This scooter has gone the other direction in using only one shock absorber per wheel.

The big shock absorber can take more strain from the bumps you may incur with ease. Coupled with a wide deck fitted with batteries, you have a much stable off-road scooter.

Speaking of the deck, this widely set board allows the rider to place both feet on it during the ride. This allows you to navigate sharp corners without placing your foot on the ground, which can be dangerous as it may make you lose balance.

The seat allows even a beginner in off-road scooting to have an easy learning experience. To add to it, the seat is also fitted with springs and shock absorbers to make it smoother while you navigate the bumpy road. 

The frame of this scooter is made from aluminum alloy and iron. The reason for this is to make it more sturdy, lightweight, and heavy in the areas that need to be. 

Fitted with a brushless motor, which is one of the best-designed motors for scooters because it offers more torque to weight ratio. This means that the motor offers more power than other kinds of motors of the same weight.

This brushless motor has less noise and also lasts longer. As a result, the off road scooter performed better, giving you a better experience overall. 

The hydraulic oil brake system is fitted with disk brakes. That means that this scooter can come to a quick halt without jerking forward. The hydraulic fluid allows you to apply maximum pressure on the brakes without using a lot of strength.


  • Reaches high speeds
  • Two 2800 watt brushless motors
  • Can go without charging for 100 to 110 km


  • Can be a little powerful for beginners
  • Can be a bit bulky and heavy

Vests Performance Electric Scooter


When you are looking for functionality overlooked, then this off road scooter may be the perfect gadget for you.

Its simple design is packed full of safety and speed features. The deck can accommodate up to 150 kgs. Meaning that most of the people into offroad scooting can easily use this scooter without damaging it.

Its sturdy but lightweight frame allows you to scoot even in the most unfavorable terrains with ease. The frame ensures that you achieve maximum balance allowing you to hit high speeds without having that shaky feeling.

Due to how sturdy this scooter is, the company has designed a unique folding structure that does not need you to remove the seat to fold. Instead, the seat twists to an angle that allows you to carry or store the scooter without removing any parts.

It is designed with double brushless motors that offer 500 watts of power. The interesting thing about the two motors is that they work independently. There is a button where you can switch to a single motor or double motor.

When using the dual-motor, you will have power and speed, which is great for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush. However, if you switch to the single motor, the scooter provides longevity of the battery. In the end, you can do about 150 km without charging it.

The large frame is set on two 11 inch vacuum tires. The unique treads on the wheels allow for maximum grip on any road you would like to venture to. The wide threads make it very difficult for the scooter to get stuck even on muddy off-road roads giving it that added thrill.

But with the heavy frame and the big tires, you may be inclined to think that the weight will make it difficult to have a smooth ride. For this reason, the Vests Performance Electric Scooter comes with four hydraulic shock absorbers on the front wheel. 

The design of having four smaller hydraulic shock absorbers on the front will help you get more balance and make it easier to navigate. The design also allows the scooter to absorb more shock without losing speed.

On the back wheel, the design is a bit different. Instead of having four small shock absorbers, it has two larger shock absorbers. Again this all plays to the functionality of the scooter. Since most of your weight will be placed on the back wheel, the shock absorbers\’ placement allows you to have a more comfortable ride, whether you are standing or seated.

The deck of this scooter is also very unique. Seeing that you may use this scooter on muddy or wet roads, the deck has a sandpaper feel, which gives your feet a better grip on the scooter. As a result, you can perform more tricks and better turns with more ease. 

The wide deck offers a platform where you can place both feet on it. The reason why this is so important is that offroad scooting requires a lot of balance. By having a wider deck, you can place both feet while you move, reducing the chances of accidents. 

For such a big machine, the speeds it hits is quite good. It can reach speeds of up to 55 km/h. This is enough speed to traverse many off-road terrains with ease. At the same time, making it safer for beginners as well. 


  • Strong grip on deck for more foot grip
  • Unique foldable design
  • Can switch from the dual motor to a single motor


  • Does not have a lot of speed
  • Bulky frame

Urbetter Folding Electric Off-road Scooter

If you are looking for something more versatile, the Urbetter Folding Electric Off-Road Scooter may be a good pick for you.

By versatility, I mean a scooter that you can use both offroad and for commuting purposes. Yes, the manufacturer made it primarily for off road scooting. However, it is less bulky than most off-road scooters weighing around 23Kg. 

As a result, it is relatively lightweight and hence can be used even in normal commuting. Couple that with the folding system, you can see why it is so versatile. This scooter can fold like most electric scooters. However, the handlebar bridge is also foldable, meaning it can fit in a small space and be carried easily. 

For many scooter lovers having a seat is important as it adds comfort and makes it easy to ride. However, many off road enthusiasts do not like a seat because it does not give them the seamless control they are looking for. As a result, the urbetter Folding Electric Offroad Scooter has a detachable seat that easily snaps on and off the scooter with ease. 

With a powerful headlamp fitted close to the front tire, your scooter can illuminate a path in such a way that you have both close versions of the terrain around you. At the same time, you can also see further away to calculate your next move better.

Since this is a hybrid can of scooter sorted for both offroad and commuting, it is designed with both brake light and turn signal. These are amazing safety features as it not only helps you but helps people around you.

As you can see, this scooter is built with safety at the top of the mind, and that is why it has a double-disc brake fitted on both wheels. Each brake has an independent hold, which allows you to do tricks while also making it safer for you. 

To top all of this off, this scooter can reach up to 43km/h and ride without needing recharging for 45 km. It can also climb to up to 25-degree steeps. Its powerful 500 watts brushless motor is what allows it to do this.

On the bridge of the handlebar, this scooter has a smart LED screen that shows a variety of information to ensure that you are using the scooter at its optimum form. You can see the battery life, the speed you are going, and even the gear you are in. 

The 10-inch wheels are relatively smaller than other E-scooters we have seen on this list. However, their pneumatic nature and heavy trends make this scooter effective on rough roads. Fitted with powerful shock absorbers, you can be sure of a smoother, more balanced ride. 


  • Can be used as a committing scooter and an off-road scooter
  • Has turn signals and a brake light
  • Lightweight


  • Maybe a bit slower 
  • A 25-degree climbing ability may be a bit low for some off-road enthusiasts 

GUNAI Electric Scooter

This E-scooter has 2 powerful 1600 watts motors that give it a total power of 3200 watts. Such powerful motors make it one of the best off-road scooters in the market today. 

As a result, the scooter can go up to 85Km/h and climb at 45-degree angles, making it the perfect off-road scooter. With 60 v batteries, this scooter can go up to 90 km without needing to be charged. 

What is impressive about this scooter is its folding seat. Instead of detaching it, all you need to do is fold the seat, and it turns into a standing scooter. The folding feature also comes in handy when you want to fold the scooter for storage or carrying.

The folded seat fits perfectly between the handlebar and the deck when folding, giving it a neat design. You do not have to remove any parts; hence losing the seat is impossible. 

But such a powerful machine needs brakes that can provide you with a great stop even if the stop is sudden. That is why it comes with CNC integrated oil brakes. These disc brakes are fitted on the larger tire rim. 

The large rim not only makes the tires more stable when riding the scooter in rough terrain but offers enough surface to make sure the brakes work better. The double brake system works independently, with the front and back tires having different brake levers. As a result, you can navigate better as this offers you more control. 


  • Has a unique folding mechanism
  • CNC integrated double brake oil system 
  • Can climb at 45 degrees
  • Two powerful 1600 watt motors


  • Can be a bit bulky
  • The seat cannot be fully detached.


Are off-road scooters good for children?

Many of these off road scooters in this list are specifically designed for adults. However, the market does have off-road scooters for children. 

Are bigger wheels better for off-road scooters?

Yes, they are. Bigger tires offer better grip and navigation in tough terrain.

What is the lifespan of off-road scooter tires?

Many manufacturers say that the lifespan of their tires is about 5 years. But this all depends on how often you use the scooter. The more you use it, the more wear and tear.

Our best pick 

The GUNAI Electric Scooter offers one of the best off-road scooter experiences. This scooter is not only powerful but has some excellent safety features. With two powerful motors, this scooter can hit around 85Km/h.

It is well designed for both functionality and sleekness. It may not be ideal for the first time off-road scooter riders, but the seat makes it easier to use. Once you get more acquainted with it, you can always remove the seat. The overall performance of this off-road scooter makes it our number one pick.

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