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Volt Pulse Review – Our Electric Bike Review 2022 – 2023

Volt pulse review

Electric bikes have been in the market for a while now and the volt pulse bike is a game-changer. Most riders want an electric bike that is comfortable, can handle rough roads, with an upright position and occasional park tracks. Volt pulse is stylish and the riding position is a bit upright something that has been missing in most bikes. This volt pulse bike has a little suspension in the front and with its 250w rear hub at the back, it has an ability to assist you to the legal limit of 15.5mph.

What is a volt bike?

Volt has developed the best e-bikes currently. These bikes match high end looks and have the most and best advanced electric technology now. They are made with the finest materials and sold at an affordable realistic price. There are different bikes to suit every need depending on the rider. Volt bikes are known for their good quality that makes riding enjoyable. Volt bikes are light and easy to carry. Volt is an awarding winning company and is known for providing e-bikes of good quality and at an affordable good price. Generally, electric bikes are good. Always read the review when choosing one.

What`s the best e-bike to buy?

Electric bikes come in a variety. It’s not easy to choose but one has to consider their needs before choosing which one to buy. Any volt electric bike is good to ride depending on one’s needs. The hybrid e-bike is the latest invention and the best. Its a combination of both mountain and road bikes. These are the basic features of this bike;

LCD display that has a five-speed display with throttle system

Lightweight aluminum, 6061T6 frame

20.5kgs without the battery and 23.7kgs with the batteries

Has a max weight of 100kgs

19 or 20.2 inches frame size

26 or 28 inches *1.75 wheels size

KMC chain

Alexrim DP21 double wall reinforced rims

Kenda puncture-resistant tyres

Velo Sport comfort saddle, zoomable seat

Shimano 8 speed Alivio Derailleur gears

Shimano M375 Disc brakes

Front and rear spanninga LED, battery-powered lights

adjustable/ zoomable Handlebars

What is a hybrid electric bike?

These bikes are equipped with an electric motor such as the 250 Watt motor on the rear hub. This gives the hybrid bikes additional power to boost its performance. Examples include the volt pulse 150 and a more detailed and well explained article reveals much insightful knowledge of hybrid E-bikes.

The battery

It has a battery of Lithium-Ion 36v. It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge the battery. When the battery is full you will have 1000 charge-discharge cycles. With this battery capacity, one is able to cover a distance of 60 or 80 miles under the PAS depending on the level of assistance. This is enough distance for some good fun riding. The battery weight is 3.2 kg or 4.4kg which is light enough. This bike comes with an optional 36 v X large battery for an upgrade. The large battery lasts longer when cycling and can go up to 80 miles. These lithium polymer batteries are the best for any electric hybrid bike. The battery comes with a compact charger provided from AC 100V TO 240V of 50 or 60Hz.

250W Spin Tech Motor

The volt pulse is equipped with a 250 W Spin Tech Motor placed on the rear wheel hub. This sleek designed motor ensures a rider mantains a smooth ride in rocky terrains and steep hills. In comparison to other e-bikes, the spin tech motor is built for extreme durability. The motor also ensures there is no resistance between switching between assisted levels and non-assisted modes. In addition, 250 watt motors are easy to replace, consume less battery power and its size and wheel position makes it more secure.

Unique Throttle system

Powered by a 250 watt rear hub motor, this is an excellent bike when driving through traffic . A thumb throttle system neatly placed on the LCD display gives one a power boost whenever needed. This enables you to cycle out of situations and save time. The power released is a result of the Spin Tech motor which has 4x speed settings which continually monitor your speed and releases power automatically with just a click. Don’t worry about arriving to your workplace drenched in sweat. Cycle comfortably and use the throttle system for an extra push.

Durable Kenda Tyres

The pulse bike is fitted with Kenda Tyres on both front and rear wheels. Kenda tyres are puncture resistant and offer strong grip in harsh conditions and rocky terrains. Don’t sacrifice your comfort as these tyres have good ratings and are well known for their exceptional performance across a wide tyre range of interests and applications.

Velo Sport comfort saddle

A fitted zoom front suspension seat ensures a rider has a comfortable ride. The zoom front suspension seat reduces strain on your back and relieves back pains associated with continuous biking. Velo comfort saddles have been rated best in the market. These stylish saddles have a unique Arch Tech suspension system which offers overall flexibility to provide stability and general comfort in immense conditions such as racing events.

Lightweight Alumimium Frame

The bike is covered with a lightweight aluminium frame. This offers more resistant to corrosion and reduces its overall weight. Aluminium frames are lighter than steel and more resilient than carbon. Lightweight frames offer huge advantages to ebikes since they require low maintenance and make great choices for racing bikes. This also explains the bike weight which is 20.5 kg without the battery weight . Volt electric bikes can support a maximum rider weight of 100kg. A really good choice since the bike can last many years without constant modifications to meet a user’s weight.

8 speed Shimano gears

Volt pulse comes with installed 8 speed shimano gears. Shimano gear change support mechanism is quick and much easier to shift. This is very useful as it allows a rider to switch between the gears at ease using less force while cycling. A 8 gear speed system is more than enough. A good recommend for an evergreen season e-bike with an efficient gearing support. The pulse 150 gear cassettes are easy to clean and do not require constant checkups after every ride.

Volt Pulse Suspension forks

The suspension forks are high perfomance SR suntour NCX air. They allow a rider to adjust the level of resistance while cycling. The suspension forks absorb the knocks providing one excellent support and focus. This will allow you to commute easily on the streets and also when touring in hilly areas.

Shimano M375 Disc Brakes

The Shimano M375 disc brakes prove to be a great use on the bike braking system. They are much reliable and offer great braking power while cycling even at greater speeds. M375 disc brakes are easy to install and cheap as compared to similarly priced hydraulics. They offer 20% increased pad clearance and are best designed for urban and upright touring.

Zoom Adjustable Handle Bars

It has zoom adjustable handle bars from 0-60 degrees. The adjustable stem reduces strain in shoulder muscles and ensures you do not tire easily or alleviate back injuries. You can raise the handle bars and adjust them in various angles. They are lightweight and easy to install. Many people who have bought this product on Amazon have posted positive reviews and termed it to be much helpful for different ages.

 Pedal Assistance system and LCD display

Volt pulse display system helps a rider to access important information such as battery level , speed distance and assistance levels. The display system is easy to use and operate. The e-bike is also fitted with five different pedal assistance levels which a rider can use to achieve the bike top speed of 15.5 miles per hour effortlessly.

The Wheel Size

Volt pulse electric bike has a wheel size of 26 or 28 inches x 1.75. It is important to stress on the wheel size of every bike as each size has its own advantages. The standard wheel size of e-bikes is 20-26 inches. This is the most common wheel size . Larger wheel sizes helps e-bikes to climb over obstacles easy without putting extra effort on the pads.

The chains

KMC chains are world renowned chain suppliers and manufacturers. Volt pulse chains are durable and compatible with Shimano gears. They offer maximum perfomance and durability. No need to change the chains from time to time.

How much is a volt pulse e-bike?

A pulse hybrid E-bike retails at £1599.00. This is inclusive of a 36v standard (60 Miles) 400Wh battery and you have the options to choose between a 19″ frame + 26″ wheel size or 20.2″ frame plus 28″ wheel size. If you want a larger battery, choose the 36v x-large (80 Miles ) 630Wh at your checkout which retails £1799.00. This e-bikes offer great value for money and are available in major e-commerce stores.

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